14 Signs Your Relationship Needs a Long Distance Road Trip

14 Signs Your Relationship Needs a Long Distance Road Trip

I’ll be honest: until a few years ago, the trip meant less to me than the destination. The goal was to get there as quickly as possible with as few rest stops as needed. Perhaps this comes from traveling with nervous, loud parents who could get lost heading to the grocery store. But, for whatever the reason, it was not until my grown son and I went traveling across the country to help him achieve his goal of visiting all fifty states before turning 25 that I discovered the magic elixir that long road trips provide for all relationships. For the magic to work, I believe that all phones, tablets, computers, beepers, and more most be put out of sight and checked only during the agreed upon times. Happy travelling!

1. If you regularly find yourself talking to your significant others in cryptic ‘text talk’.


2. You didn’t realize your spouse changed jobs or switched political parties.

Changed Parties

3. You have forgotten what grade in school your child(ren) is/are in.


4. There are days when you’re going to work that you are tempted to keep driving and just see where the road takes you.


5. You think your teenager daughter is still listening to Justin Beiber, only to discover that your wife is instead.


6. You wish you had more room on your Google calendar.

A busy calendar.

7. You hear Gordon Lightfoot’s oldie “Cats in a Cradle” and cry like a baby.


8. You try to avoid answering phone calls because they take too much time.


9. You find yourself too often saying, “One day.”

beach party

10. As you rush to your next appointment, you pass your significant other in the hallway and wave like you’re neighbors.


11. You still don’t know how to work your GPS.


12. You miss them, you, and we.


13. Your Netflix List consists of Thelma and Louise, Easy Rider, Little Miss Sunshine, and National Lampoon’s Vacation. Maybe your movies are trying to tell you something?


14. You are still a member of AAA, specifically for their maps. You have a stack of them siting untouched in your glove box… just in case.