Twenty-One Signs You’re Southern at Heart 

Twenty-One Signs You’re Southern at Heart 

— Written by Marian Pontz & Madison Pontz

1. You would pump sweet tea straight into your veins, if you could.


2. You still can’t figure out how people deal with this concept of “winter.” WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF SNOW AGAIN?!?

3. You sometimes find yourself slipping into a southern drawl, or at least over-using the word “ya’ll” a bit much for PA.


4. Not being friendly is never an option for you. But, you also know that being strong and nice are not opposing ideas.

5. Your wardrobe is a rainbow of colors and prints. Wearing gray and black is so limiting, and you know the secret: you can’t feel bad in Lily Pulitzer!


6. Green beans are always better when cooked with salt back. And you know what salt back is.


7. Cornbread goes with every meal. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner… better with cornbread.


8. You’ve been to an azalea or magnolia festival.


9. When you hear people talking about the Ivy Leagues, you can’t help but think of UVA, Vanderbilt, Duke, and UNC.


10. Grits can (and should) be served at every meal and they are *not* cream of wheat. Butter, salt and pepper is all that goes on a proper bowl.


11. You remember Leggett department store before it became Belk.


12. Dollywood is a big stop on your bucket list, not a misspelled city out west.


13. You can admit it—pizza is not your region’s forte.

14. Chick-fil-a tastes better below the Mason Dixon line, and that’s a fact.


15. You never expect to find a basement in your house.


16. You’ve read the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and recognized the Savannah spots mentioned.


17. You got your driver’s license at 15.

18. You can’t ever rid yourself of the expectation to call adults Miss or Mister, followed by their first name.


19. You know that the proper pronunciation of pecan pie starts with “peekan.”


20. You expect your chicken potpie to have a piecrust… always.


21. ‘Honey’ is not a nickname reserved just for loved ones.