A Feast for the Senses: Brick Gables and Zig’s Bakery

A Feast for the Senses:
Brick Gables and Zig’s Bakery


BrickGables07Throughout history, cedar wood has been used to soothe, protect, heal, and even to find a connection with our spiritual selves. On the day the FLL team visited Brick Gables, their staff was preparing a catered dinner for a local business. The workers were setting an elegant, yet simple table; yet, what struck us most was the lovely aroma of cedar and the high ceilings twinkling with star-like lights. We felt like we had been transported to a beautiful forest get-away, serene and elegant, the outside world completely and utterly forgotten.

Co-Owner and on-site Caterer Carole Ziegler was busy at work coordinating and organizing the evening’s affair, but she confidently shared with us that the secret to Brick Gables is that everything is done—food, flowers, organization, planning, everything—with love. The Ziegler family has come together to create the perfect and enchanting setting for any special event, from 50 guests to 300, from a four course meal with an open, fully stocked bar to delicate appetizers that include Carole’s special recipe meatballs. There is plenty of room for a band or DJ and dancing, or, as was the case on the night we saw them set up, a serious business dinner. Excellence and love dominate the affair, no matter what.


BrickGables03As FLL left the Brick Gables event site and slipped into the Zig’s Bakery on-site shop, located downstairs, we were again drenched in beautiful sensory overload: rows and rows of lovely desserts, pots of fresh coffee, and smiles, so many smiles, from workers anxious to help us.

“One Apple Cake to go.” The best apple cake ever eaten by this writer. More please!

Brick Gables and Zig’s Bakery
800 E. Newport Road, Lititz PA
(717) 627-0080