A Hero and His Special Buddy

A Hero and His Special Buddy

— Written by Lynn Leach • Photos by Melanie Hummer


CoprMelanieHummer©MHP_2998Randy Ramalgia is a firefighter. He spends his days risking his life for others. Brody was a small black pug who had his throat slit by, for lack of a better term, a human. People saw the man slit his throat, toss him, and then run away.

Luckily for Brody, the people rushed him to the shelter where a worker immediately called 2nd Chance, telling them, “We have a dog with a slit throat. If you cannot step up to take him, we will humanely euthanize him instead of allowing him to suffer.”

2nd Chance jumped in the van, drove to Philly, and picked up our little Brody, then rushed him to Palmyra Animal Clinic where a vet was waiting to receive him and take him straight to surgery. Brody’s neck was repaired and the vet said a few millimeters more and little Brody would have died instantly.


CoprMelanieHummer©MHP_3012Brody went to live with the Ramalgia’s as his foster family. He soon became a very special part of Randy’s life. This strong, fearless man who rushed into burning buildings without thinking about the possibility of death fell hopelessly in love with this tiny black dog who had faced death, yet decided not to allow it to beat him or change him. Brody waits patiently by the door for his dad to come home and has found his “hero” in Randy. Randy, in turn, has found his “best bud” in Brody.

It did not take anyone long to realize that Brody was not a foster dog but a Forever dog. He became a permanent Ramalgia and now has four other fur buddies, and a mom and dad who will love him unconditionally forever!

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