A Letter from Tom Baldrige

A Letter from Tom Baldrige


| President and CEO of The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Photo by Will Marks

Ten years ago, many people were certain that print was dead. Ten years ago, we were witnessing early signs of economic instability. And, ten years ago, Vladimir Putin loomed ominously large as Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

Yet, it was in this environment that Mark Pontz still had the confidence to follow his dream and launch a magazine (a print magazine, for God’s sake!) that would help bring the arts, culture, and “mood” of Lancaster county to life.

Today, ten years later, Fine Living Lancaster magazine is still going strong. And that entrepreneur, Mark Pontz, is still putting his all into each and every issue, capturing what’s great about life and living in Lancaster county.

Thank you, Mark, for following your dream. And congratulations to Mark and his entire team for a decade of success. But I am very pleased to note that the story doesn’t stop there; it only gets better.

From a broader perspective, Mark hasn’t been alone in his commitment to follow his dream. He’s been accompanied by many others, before and after, proving that the entrepreneurial spirit—and the belief in our community’s future—is alive and well in Lancaster county! And we have the recognition to prove it!

Over the past decade, Lancaster county has been nationally recognized for its economic strength, community assets, quality of life, and sense of well-being. A sampling of our community honors include being named on the following lists: Best Place for Women- Owned Business, Best Place for New College Graduates, Best Place for Young Adults to Get Rich, and Best Cities for Walking to Work.

In addition, the past ten years have earned us the Coolest Town in America (Lititz), a Top Twenty Small Towns to Visit (Columbia), a Top Ten Farmer’s Markets in the World (Central Market), and additional national recognition as a “foodie community” for our sustainability, for our educational institutions, for our health care, for our overall sense of wellbeing, and many others.

Indeed, Lancaster county has had a strong past decade, and I am pleased to note that Fine Living Lancaster has been there to cover it all by highlighting our food, spotlighting our music, celebrating our culture, debating our politics, capturing our observations, and adding to the richness of our unique quality of life. These things matter in bringing a community together, these things matter in building community pride, and these things matter because the team at FLL has built a business that we can all be proud of. Thanks for all of it, Mark.