A Moment with Danene Sorace Part 3

A Moment with Danene Sorace Part 3

In the third installment of our series with Democratic Mayoral Candidate Danene Sorace, reflects on the City’s role in the Lancaster County.

When I first moved to Lancaster City ten years ago, I was interested in learning everything I could about the City and urban living.  The City wasn’t altogether new to me since I was married here in 1998 and have been coming to the City off and on for many years.  But it was the first time I ever lived in a City beyond my four years at Albright College in Reading.

Then I joined City Council and I got really focused on the City.  I honestly wasn’t paying that much attention to what was happening in the County.  We had our problems  — and I was focused on solving them.

However, over time, I began to realize that the boundaries of the City and by extension who lived in the City and who did not were less important.  Sure, I understand that only people in Lancaster City can vote for me.  But I also understand that there are a lot of people who live adjacent to the City who rely on clean drinking water we provide, who come to work in the City everyday or who invest here.

I want people who do not live here to think of Lancaster as “their” city too.  To be vested in helping the City succeed – whether that means coming into the City for dinner, a meeting, or a theatre performance – or considering the future of our City when it comes to advocating on our behalf, volunteering or supporting the many nonprofits who serve individuals throughout the county.

The City and County are symbiotic – the success of one relies heavily on the success of the other. We are all in this together.