A Moment with Danene Sorace Part 4

A Moment with Danene Sorace Part 4

Mayor Gray has been heralded as one of the most successful mayors in Lancaster City’s History.  In this 4th installment of an ongoing series, Democratic Mayoral Candidate Danene Sorace talks to FLL about what aspects of his legacy she’d like to continue and what will be different.

Thinking back to when I moved here 10 years ago, the Marriott was not yet open. Bulova Technologies shuttered its factory at 101 North Queen Street. The 100 block of East King Street was largely vacant.  The 300 block of North Queen was not much of destination beyond our beloved Zap & Co. There were no people on the streets on Saturday afternoons.

Now, fast-forward to 2017 and the difference is palpable.  Any day of the week, the City is alive. For me, Mayor Gray’s legacy is possibility.  He believed.  He had a vision. And that vision, coupled with careful stewardship of City resources, breathed new life into the City.

I, too, believe. I believe that we can continue the success of the downtown and ensure that success is shared by everyone – that no one is left behind, or left out.

Finally, if you ask Mayor Gray, he’ll say it is amazing how much you can get done when you don’t care who gets the credit.  I agree.

What will be different? Well, I am different. I have a different leadership style. I am engaged in the community in different ways given my interests and family life. Building on what has been accomplished, I’ll be focused more on our neighborhoods – not just the place, but he people who live in them. I also want to improve communication, engagement and transparency with residents.