A Musical: Sorry, Brian: You’re Derek Now.

A Musical: Sorry, Brian: You’re Derek Now.

Photography by Nikki Weems Photography

It all started as a funny conversation during Ton-Taun’s band practice.

Ton-Taun, local band made up of Aaron Binder, Jordan Capizzi, Doug Hynes, Rob Nye, Katie Seifarth, John Spurlock, and Brian Trump, are super excited to share their EP with Lancaster, titled Sorry, Brian: You’re Derek Now. The EP, which features three songs (“Hibernate,” “The Sun Doesn’t Care About You,” and “The Rule”) is going to be released in such a way that Lancaster has never witnessed before.


You see, Ton-Taun came up with the brilliant idea after recording Sorry, Brian to stage a musical as their debut show. Sorry, Brian was recorded at Right Coast Recording in Columbia, PA by Bobby Gentilo, who also mixed and co-produced the songs with the band.
After the band decided that releasing their newest material with a standard show wasn’t quite exciting enough, they contacted Matt Johnson to see if he would be interested in writing a script and helping the band stage a play. “He really spearheaded the whole production side of things,” Jordan explains. Not only did Matt find the director, Joanna Underhill of Creative Works of Lancaster, he also set up three consecutive dates for the show, which will occur December 2, 3, and 4 of this year at Tellus360. He also took on a huge portion of casting and has been a really huge part of the process.

Jordan adds, “I can’t praise Matt enough for making this whole thing come together. The band probably has about ten silly ideas a week about how to have more fun with performances, but we don’t usually follow through like we have with this one.”

Stay tuned for more information regarding the lead roles of this fantastically fun musical debut of Ton-Taun’s newest EP.