A Relaxed and Reliable Approach to Financial Advice

A Relaxed and Reliable Approach to Financial Advice

Feature and Photos by Adrienne Shirk 

Ted Williams is a unique type of financial advisor making waves in Lancaster—one determined to make discussing your finances not only a more relaxed and personalized experience but also enjoyably interactive. No doubt, money can be an uneasy topic of conversation, and the thought of meeting a financial advisor is daunting. Clients often imagine meeting a financial advisor as akin to having a root canal. For those looking for a refreshingly different type of experience, Fiscal Thinking discusses the innovative approach of this local advisor. Ted believes that creating a confident financial future begins with credence and a genuine connection, not a phony smile or expensive suit. He offers a relaxed and comfortable approach to financial planning and meets each client exactly where they are.

Ted’s office, an Ameriprise Platinum Financial Services® Practice in Lancaster, is much different than your average firm. It’s not uncommon to see Ted sporting jeans or accompanied by his small dog when greeting clients at the door. Rather than sterile conference rooms, clients can opt to meet their advisor in a lounge appointed with couches and bookshelves reminiscent of their own living room at home. From the moment you walk in the door, Ted wants you to feel at ease, like you’re visiting as friends—because that is exactly what you will become. Ted and his staff recognize that clients not only care about how much their advisor may know; more importantly, clients want to know how much their advisor cares… about them . Through his mission, “Confidence, Independence, and Dignity,” Ted immediately puts this focus on caring about his clients to work.


Upon meeting Ted, it’s clear he takes his mission to heart. An initial meeting isn’t about how much money a person has to invest. It’s about them: their priorities, their interests, their family, and their dreams. Ted passionately explains that clients are viewed as family, not a dollar sign.

“You are a person with dreams for the future,” Ted says, “and I set out to understand these dreams and help you achieve them. It’s about what matters to you, not what matters to me. My approach is always customized to you—the individual client—and we move forward as a team. That’s how I do business.”

Yes, investments are what it’s about, but Ted recognizes this as only part of the whole story. Financial wellness is a holistic process requiring a foundation of trust combined with continual and close support, and Ted is dedicated to walking each client through all the various circumstances and decisions which come along the way. He offers one-on-one coaching on responsible financial habits for all generations in a client’s family, including college-aged children, as well as legacy planning. He has already proudly helped three generations of satisfied, happy clients and honors the unique challenges—emotional, physical, and fiscal—which occur in families at different points along their lifespan. “I want the entire family to feel financially secure and supported,” Ted says.


Ted truly cares about his client’s growth and development and offers education and guidance outside traditional financial topics. In 2016, clients will be offered an opportunity to learn from and speak with a neurological expert providing comprehensive tips on how to keep their brain and memory strong as they age. They will also have the opportunity to learn ways to avoid identity theft and to explore how to weather the emotional trials of estate settlements following the passing of a loved one.

Ted offers a solid 29 years in the industry, with a special focus on retirement and extensive experience weathering volatile markets. He is a nationally recognized leader in finance and also coaches other financial advisors. He was also recently inducted into the Ameriprise Hall of Fame (2014), an honor awarded to less than 2% of the entire Ameriprise sales force.


As seriously as he takes serving his clients’ needs, it’s clear that Ted is also able to let his hair down and enjoy both his work as a financial advisor and his life fully. He is commonly out and about with clients, watching baseball games with them from his skybox at Clipper Stadium or hosting popup socials at local venues. Having grown up in Lancaster County, he takes pride in supporting the local community—he loves to roll up his sleeves and get involved. Ted is an avid supporter of local small businesses and is often introducing clients to Lancaster’s many venues. Connecting with his clients and getting to know them on a personal level is what it’s all about.

“This isn’t work for me,” Ted adds. “It’s a great opportunity to help the local community and provide a fun environment for my clients to find financial confidence. I love what I do. You can’t ask for more than that.”

Ted and his staff are fully committed to living their mission of bringing “Confidence, Independence, and Dignity” to all of their clients. Ted’s determination to break the mold and to be an approachable, caring financial professional has earned him a unique place in the local community. He is fun, quirky, and as far from the stereotypical financial advisor as possible… and he is proud of it.

Above all, he is real. Give Ted Williams a call to learn what the buzz is all about!


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