A Stroke of Luck

A Stroke of Luck

Luck can be described as success, prosperity, fortune, fate, or even destiny. Fine Living Lancaster magazine asked readers for their best GOOD LUCK stories. 6 readers told us about the best luck they’ve ever had. Now we’re asking everyone to vote on their favorite story … the winner will win a $25 gift certificate to The Bull’s Head in Lititz! Voting ends March 16th. Winner will be announced on St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th.

Kim Weit

For some strange reason, 4 leaf clovers appear at my feet. The shamrocks are abundant everywhere I happen to walk. It’s gotten to the point where family and friends tease me and expect them. It started while I walked at Manor Middle School waiting for my son to finish up at football practice. As I counted up my laps, I started acquiring little four leaved gems, my top hiest- 29 in one afternoon. Most are pressed in books on the shelves in our living room, and many of my graduated seniors have them pressed in their wallets. One even made it to Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany and back to US soil in one piece (that young man brought flowers to my house when he returned home). I guess that’s my lucky story. I find shamrocks and pass them on as gifts. If you are kind to the fairies, they will be kind to you!

Deborah Care

Ten years ago on March 3rd, I got the call I dreamed of getting my whole adult life. My daughter was born! My daughter did not grow inside of me, my daughter was born to another mother, but God knew that her soul and my soul were meant to be mother and daughter. When I got the call, the person on the other end asked me if I would be interested in a “new-born African American girl who had crack cocaine in her system”.  I immediately said, “Yes!” — had to leave my classroom, ran to my dear friend Karen’s classroom, and collapsed into her… sobbing hysterically. She held me and cried with me as I could not possibly contain all of this joy on my own. So I would have to say that “luck” may have been on my side for the last 10 years … luck and God’s blessings.

Lynn Kreider

Everyone tells me I am lucky because I win prizes from gift certificates to entrances into venues.  I totally believe there is no such thing as luck, but there is effort.  I put an enormous effort into winning contests and it has paid off big time.

Danielle Marion

I moved to lancaster for one year when I was 14, I met Nate in high school.  After being here a year, I moved back to Mexico and lost contact with all my new friends.  I decided after 21 years (and thanks to Facebook) to try to find old friends, but in the back of my mind I needed to find one in particular — Nate!! After a few attempts he accepted my request and remembered me! We reminisced and since we were both single started a relationship after a few months!!  I came to visit for a week, fell in love, and we then decided I should move up here! A few weeks after my visit, I received a call that he is in ICU and maybe wont make it. I fly up next day, he woke up from a coma, and I havent left his side since! Two years later we got married and now have a baby! FATE!!!

Jason Risner

A leprechaun, a bagpiper, and a guy walk into a bar. The rest isn’t a joke, it’s history. It happens around St. Patrick’s Day every year  in Lancaster when the Relay for Life team Irish 4 a Cure holds their annual bar crawl. It was fate that brought these three pieces together. Amanda Paveglio, our bagpiper, donated a “bagpiping” silent auction item to a fundraiser at my job. We bid, she joined us, and has been with us for 5 years. Nick Yoder our leprechaun for the day was working at a bar on St. Patricks day, a stop on our crawl. We connected, and since then he has joined us instead. Finally, there’s me. Needing to raise money for the American Cancer Society, I had a vision to have a bar crawl that has by fate grown into something great. 7 crawls, over 10k raised, I’d say we’re lucky.

Karen Simpson

Luck doesn’t always happen, it is achieved by those motivated.  Finding a B&B was on our back burner for a few years until recently.  Recently meaning October 2015.  When it resurfaced we sought out the ideal opportunity for our own B&B.  At first, we chose a property very close to home that was amazing in physical appearance in what we thought to be a good location.  It was not an established hospitality venue but had potential. Luck happens or does not happen for a reason. Our luck did not happen with this possibility but was waiting for us in Willow Street.  All the cards rapidly began to turn up and with persistence and determination, the Apple Bin Inn became ours in a matter of 65 days.  You decide, Luck or Motivation.  Either way, we are now the proud owners of one of Lancaster County’s best-liked Bed and Breakfast locations.


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