Catching Up With The Cover: Adam Blessing

Catching Up With The Cover: Adam Blessing

— From the pages of FLL#35 • Photo by Will Marks

It’s been over three years since the talented musician, Adam Blessing, was on the cover of FLL’s Issue 24. FLL got the chance to chat with Adam to find out what he’s been up to since then.

Adam’s been keeping very busy with scheduling gigs throughout his weeks and weekends. From appearing on World Cafe Live to rocking out at TellUs360, Adam has been keeping busy. He is also collaborating musically with Austin Criswell. Currently, they are taking on a fun challenge—taking songs which were originally written for one person, and building harmonies around them.

Adam is also teaching himself how to play piano. He has found that writing chord progressions on a guitar for so long has become almost predictable, and began looking for a fresh way of thinking in order to inspire new songs from within. “I know so little about piano that I’ve been forced to experiment with it.” He has been testing out this new method of writing on a 1915 Iverson Pond baby grand piano which he found on Craigslist.

So, what has Adam been up to in his “free time?” Adam doesn’t seem to have much of it, as he also holds a busy day job selling garage equipment. But he always, always finds quality time for his family. Adam’s children, Sophia (10 years old) and Heath (7 years old), love to play music with their dad in the winter. And, since they live in Mount Gretna, the summertime is filled with swimming, hiking, and riding bikes.

Adam knows how to keep himself busy, but he also knows how to have fun and is very thankful for each opportunity he receives to do what he loves. “Lancaster County has been really good to me, keeping my schedule very busy.”

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