American Classics: The Road to Nostalgia

American Classics: The Road to Nostalgia

From the pages of FLL#35 • Photos by Bianca Cordova
Women’s clothing provided by Pappagallo • Men’s clothing provided by Fillings • Monte Carlo provided by Josh Eves
Models: Alison Bray, Rafael Díaz, and Doug Hynes

With employment rates and the housing market declining throughout the years, many people view the American Dream as an unattainable luxury left behind in the booming economy of the 50s. If one really focuses on the idea of Americana, however, they will find that those warm and fuzzy feelings have not been quite swept away. A road trip, relaxing with some friends under the open sky, and fantasizing about life’s possibilities is what creates the sense of nostalgia we all hold so dearly to us in this country.

When Madison and I discussed her idea for this issue’s fashion spread, I immediately ran Lana Del Rey’s video for “Ride” through my head. The iconic visions of the video, along with images of denim and Coca-Cola advertisements, were the inspiration I knew would bring our shoot to life. I pulled a few props from my home and enlisted the help of Josh Eves to provide his super badass Monte Carlo. We cheered as he showed up on our back road set, engine revving, and as we spent the evening bonding and laughing under a glorious sky, I felt that very sense of what Americana is all about. Peace, freedom, friends, rolling hills, and of course, denim.

— Katerina Kuss, Creative Director

A close friend once told me that she pictures my life in the washed out colors of an early 1970s romance. I don’t think she truly understood my hyperbolic reaction, or the joy that her comment brought me. I have always been enamored by nostalgic Americana and the idea of the classic American road trip. There is just something so romantic about the open road, that combination of wanderlust and youthful adventure.

I believe that in some way, we all know what we picture as the ideal version of ourselves. For me, it’s being the cool girl who takes the road less traveled and enjoys the feeling of not knowing what is ahead, all while looking amazing in denim, the classic uniform of the wandering youth of America. In my head, this has always been the real American Dream—the ability to get lost sometimes along the road, but still enjoy the experience, the beauty of your surroundings, and the amazing friends you find along the way.

— Madison Pontz, Managing Editor of FLL Issue #35