Charlie Gracie: Angel on my Shoulder

Charlie Gracie: Angel on my Shoulder

Fine Living Lancaster magazine got the chance to interview Quentin Jones, local musician and founder of Lanark Records. Lanark Records focuses on current sounds of new and old artists with the “feel and familiarity of […] past hits” within the realm of rockabilly, rock and roll, old school country, and surf, as well as a multitude of other genres.

charlie gracie - angel on my shoulderWe spoke to Quentin about the newest album from the label, Charlie Gracie’s Angel on my Shoulder. Charlie Gracie, world-famous guitarist and singer from Philadelphia, is famous for his 1957 hit, “Butterfly.” Fellow guitarist and songwriter, Tommy Conwell, referred Charlie to Quentin back in the 90s to work on a new album. A long-lasting friendship grew between the two musicians.

“Charlie can make anything sound good; he could sing the phone book,” Quentin says, laughing. “He can sing anything from Sinatra to Buddy Holly. He was the original rock and roller from Philadelphia.”

A true entertainer, Charlie was the second American to tour England with rock and roll music, but the first solo artist guitar player. He has influenced musical masterminds from Eric Clapton to Paul McCartney.

Angel on my Shoulder showcases true rockabilly and rock and roll roots. Charlie contacted Quentin with a desire to create a gospel album. Quentin took the idea and wrote songs which really showed off the true roots of rock and roll, a background of gospel and blues. From the instruments used to the written lyrics, Angel on my Shoulder showcases all that is upbeat, with a lil’ twist of soul.

“We will definitely record more. We plan to do an old school country album next,” Quentin says. Angel on my Shoulder is already getting strong reviews worldwide. Keep your eyes peeled for shows in Philly and New York, and don’t forget to order your own copy of Angel on my Shoulder for just $14.95. You can also listen to samples of each song.

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