The Art Store: Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

The Art Store: Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

“I’ve lived downtown for 25 years, and within the last five years the art scene in Lancaster has become significantly better than it’s ever been,” says Mark Pinkerton, manager of The Art Store on 29 East King Street. Lancaster’s dedication to the arts is something that we at BUZZ often admire, and our city’s thriving community of artists couldn’t exist as it does without institutions like The Art Store. Though they have tough competition, with large chains like A.C. Moore and Michael’s each having Lancaster locations, The Art Store has something to offer Lancaster’s artists that most big chains don’t: expertise.

“Our service is what makes our business different,” Pinkerton says of how The Art Store manages to stay relevant in changing economic times. “Amazon can drop off art supplies at your house with drones, but drones can’t show you how to use them.”

The Art Store offers a more in-depth line of products than any retail store in town, and supplies Lancaster with the tools that it needs to make great art.

The Art Store
Mark Pinkerton
29 East King Street, Lancaster PA
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