At Home with Anthony and Stephanie Davis

At Home with Anthony and Stephanie Davis

Photo by Will Marks

Anthony and Stephanie Davis wanted more than anything to find a home in a desirable location, preferably the Hempfield School District in order to be closer to Anthony’s job. Anthony is the executive chef at Heritage Hills Golf Resort, and works long hours at the restaurant.

The couple began searching for the perfect home in a cozy neighborhood with a yard, one-and-a-half bathrooms, a space for outdoor entertaining, an office space, and a minimum of three bedrooms. They had looked at well over a dozen homes when the home they ended up purchasing was e-mailed to them by their real estate agent. “Stephanie woke me up from a nap and said she had a strong feeling about the place. Within two hours, we were looking around the house,” Anthony says of their house search. And it was perfect.

The next step was, of course, the mortgage. “Working with Mark Pontz was truly a breeze,” Stephanie explains, smiling. “Anthony’s father recently had a terrible experience getting his mortgage so we were prepared for the worst.” But by working with Mark, the Davis family’s experience consisted of a 30-minute initial meeting and three phone calls at under ten minutes each. “We got a mortgage in literally less than an hour,” Anthony says, laughing. Of course, it helps that both of them are meticulously organized by nature, but Mark Pontz was able to flawlessly lead them through the process.

And, as a result, they now have their dream home.

1. Sofa is from a trading post in Reading, PA.

2. Pillows are from Ikea, Target, and HomeGoods.

3. Paintings and assorted art from tag sales.

Stephanie loves hunting for unique items.