At Home with Drew Sheaffer and Lex Kendig

At Home with Drew Sheaffer and Lex Kendig

Photo by Will Marks

Have you ever wanted to move out, but dreaded moving far away? Drew Sheaffer and Lex Kendig recently moved right next door.


Drew and Lex, who live on Front Street in Lititz, moved into a two-unit home in April of 2015. When the second unit went up for sale, the couple jumped on the chance to own the home in its entirety. There were some unexpected hoops to jump through when they purchased an investment mortgage, but these obstacles were easily surpassed.

Drew and Lex decided to completely renovate the open unit by installing carpeting, gutting the bathroom, replacing the flooring, and repainting every room. The bonus of this process was still having a place to rest their heads every night until the new tenant moved in, who they were even able to choose themselves.

Now, they couldn’t be happier. Thankfully, the mortgage process was completed in a snap. “The mortgage process for our old place was stressful,” Drew says. “It was with a different company. But with Mark Pontz, all it took was a few e-mails back and forth and everything was completed.”

Drew, who is the Director of Operations at Penn Cinema, met Lex in high school. Lex is now the Assistant Manager at the theater, as well as a full-time student. They reunited after working at Penn Cinema, fell in love, and got engaged. It was important for the couple to live close to downtown Lititz, PA.

Every single house on Front Street, with the exception of one, has a front porch. “Front porches are essential to the spirit of this street,” Drew says.

In the winter, the entire neighborhood comes together to help one another spend hours digging out cars and driveways.