Back Pain Be Gone!

Back Pain Be Gone!

Neck and back pain is common, text neck is a real thing, and unfortunately head and brain injuries do occur. Luckily, Lancaster NeuroScience and Spine Associates are able to answer our smallest of questions as well as the most critical ones.

LNSA aims to enrich lives one patient at a time, and do so with their expert diagnosis, treatment, and therapy. They specialize in surgical and non-surgical treatment options to relieve your pain and get you back, doing the things you love!

Their services include:

Neck & Back Related Conditions & Procedures

Back and neck pain is common throughout everyone’s life and typically progresses over time as the body ages. While most neck and back pain will resolve on it’s own many times treatment, whether it be physical therapy, pain management or surgery, is needed to relieve the pain. With surgery always being the last resort.

Brain Conditions & Procedures

From the diagnosis and discovery process, throughout treatment and continuing with the recovery period the LNSA team focuses on providing expert, compassionate care to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every patient. Their Neurosurgeons are experienced with both trauma-related brain injuries as well as tumors, aneurysms, AVMs, and more.

Interventional Pain Management

The Center for Spine Care (CSC), located at their main office, was established in 2002 to provide for the growing needs of patients with spinal, neck or back pain. Each health care professional has trained rigorously to provide the highest level of care. Together they offer patients the most comprehensive and convenient source of diagnosis and treatment options available for management of neck and back pain.

Physical Therapy

The LNSA team of Neurosurgeons, Physiatrists, Advanced Practitioners and Physical Therapists work closely with each other to ensure each patient receives the best possible outcome. A few reasons to choose Physical Therapy at Lancaster NeuroScience & Spine Associates include:

  • Highly Skilled Team of Physical Therapists
  • See the same Physical Therapist throughout treatment
  • Friendly, caring staff
  • History of outstanding results
  • Convenient Lancaster & Lebanon locations

View common conditions and treatments of each service at:

With plenty of treatments and practice the LNSA team will surely be able to help with any discomfort that you are experiencing.


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