Back to School: Protect Your Child’s Hearing

Back to School: Protect Your Child’s Hearing

It’s back to school time! That means the leaves will begin changing soon enough, the heat will break, and the sweaters will come out of their hiding place in the attic.

We all want our children to be safe, but how often do we think about protecting their hearing?  Your children’s hearing needs to be protected so they can hear all of the wonderful noises this life brings to us. Whether your children are in the school band or they’re a huge fan of plugging their ears with some music, their ears and hearing must be taken care of. The perfect way to do this is by purchasing your child a set of ear protectors. While ear protectors do not completely block out sound, they limit the level of sound that enters your child’s ears. Here are some examples from about when your child should wear ear protection:

  • Attending loud events in stadiums, gymnasiums, amusement parks, theaters, auditoriums, and other entertainment facilities.
  • Attending auto races, sporting events, and music concerts of all types, including symphonies and rock concerts.
  • Riding a snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, or farm tractor.
  • Participating in shooting sports. The sound of a gunshot can reach the same level as a jet engine at takeoff. At this decibel level, noise can damage your child’s hearing immediately and permanently. Hearing protectors should be a standard part of shooting-safety gear.

You can choose from a variety of types of hearing protectors, such as foam earplugs, premolded earplugs, or earmuff. When hearing protectors are not available, a child can simply cover their ears with their hands, or lower the volume as well as move away from the noise.

collageIf you have any questions about hearing protectors or how else you can protect your child’s hearing, contact Zoe Horan from Resonance Audiology.

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