April 2nd: Benefit Concert for Mike Diehm

April 2nd: Benefit Concert for Mike Diehm

When someone needs our help, the Lancaster community does not hesitate to reach out.

Local musician and animal rights advocate, Mike Diehm, and his family needs our help. Mike Diehm was like a second father to me growing up. I mean, truly like my other father. My brother Ben and I have known Mike and his wife Tammy and their two children, Christopher and Brian Diehm, for 25 years. Most of my childhood memories revolve around the ridiculous antics and imaginary scenarios we as children would create at the Diehm’s home.

As children, Mike was always patient with us. He was always kind, sweet, and gentle. He loved their many animals and playing guitar, but loved his children even more. No matter what, he would always stop what he was doing to watch our newest scene in a backyard play or read our latest collaborative story. I loved him.

Today, I love him so much.

Mike has been diagnosed with Creutzfeldt Jacob disease, and friends and family are holding an evening of music and memories in his honor and to help raise money for the Diehm family.

My father, Tim Truman, has been one of Mike’s closest companions for the entirety of my life. Tim says, “When we learned about Mike’s diagnosis and were trying to think of ways to help, putting  a music benefit together was a no-brainer—not only as a way to offer some assistance to him and his family, but to celebrate his friendship and talents as well. It was Mike who first brought us together over twenty years ago. As a gifted rhythm guitarist, arranger, and songwriter, he was always at the center of we did—the rock-solid backbone of kitchen and basement jams, live performances, songwriting sessions, and recording studio projects. Though we all have day jobs, Mike was a catalyst who provided us with the reason and means to keep our musical interests alive and growing. When I approached his friends and family with the idea to put together a benefit, everyone immediately said yes.”

The event description, written by Mike’s dear friend Walt Saunders, states the following:

“Mike is presently suffering from Creutzfeldt Jacob disease (CJD). CJD is a neurological disorder that causes the brain tissue to degenerate rapidly. This condition is incurable and invariably fatal. Mike has touched us all through his generosity and his music and this celebration is an opportunity to say thank you in return, and to offer our support to Tammy and the whole family in this very difficult time.  It will be an evening of music and memories. Please come and join us.”

Admission is by donation. If you would like to stop by and enjoy some music while supporting a local family who needs our help, please come join us.

Click here to view the Facebook event, being held from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, April 2. The head count is already up to over 100 guests.

Information on Creutzfeldt Jacob disease (CJD).