Motherhood/Adulthood: A Balancing Act with Bianca Cordova

Motherhood/Adulthood: A Balancing Act with Bianca Cordova

— From the pages of FLL Issue #38 • Main Photo by Miles Cogley / Inset of child (Miles) by Bianca Cordova

Bianca Cordova has been shooting eyecatching photographs for Fine Living Lancaster magazine for five years with many of her photos making it to the front cover of our publication. One thing you need to know about Bianca—she is a mother of four children. Yes. One, two, three, four.

At any given point during her work day, after dropping off three of the four munchkins at school, Bianca can be found doing one or more of the following: editing photographs, answering e-mails, playing at the playground (to which Bianca clarifies is actually making her youngest daughter Trixie play while she tries really hard to have adult conversation), spazzing out on the laundry, obsessing over community development and Price Elementary’s PTO, taking part in the Southwest Revitalization Project Steering Committee and the Education and Job Training Task Force for the SWRP, filing folders at her children’s school, hanging out at the library, and avoiding the bills that sit in her vestibule. And she does this all while trying not to cry over spilled milk, too.


If you know anything about Bianca already, you know she is able to make light out of any situation that comes her way, which has been really helpful to the Fine Living Lancaster staff during the sometimes stressful situations that come along with any project. Bianca has been such an incredible, talented asset to the staff and we are so thankful to have her.

FLL: What is your favorite way to spend time alone?

BC: This one time I got to go to the grocery store by myself… and that was fun.

FLL: What is your favorite thing to do with your family?

BC: Hands down, going to my in-law’s cabin in Tioga County. I also love it when we actually spend time taking care of our garden.

FLL: How do you respond in a crisis moment?

BC: In a crisis, I have been known to spin around in circles going, “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” but if I’m with someone who is already doing that, I pull it together.

FLL: What do you love about yourself?

BC: I usually don’t take myself too seriously.

Check out Bianca’s photography at: biancacordovaphotography.comFacebookInstagramPinterest