Boston’s Biscuits: Organic Biscuits Help Raise Money for Pup’s ACL Surgery

Boston’s Biscuits: Organic Biscuits Help Raise Money for Pup’s ACL Surgery

— by Kate Fridirici

Hello! My name is Boston and I am a two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who has been raised by my two mommies, Sheryl and Kate. I am loved by all who have met me. My litter and I were rescued by the amazing staff at the Animal Emergency and Referral Center of York at just two days old.  Four short weeks later, my brothers and sister were adopted by a group of close friends who continue to bring us together for play dates and birthday parties. Unfortunately, this year we were unable to meet up due to injury. Two of us ended up with torn ACLs which required surgery. Since these injuries have a high operational and recovery cost, my moms started brainstorming and tried to come up with a fundraising idea that also gave back to those willing to donate.

Boston’s Biscuits became their brainchild in trying to raise money for my surgery. What better of an idea than making homemade dog treats and selling them to fund my surgery costs? Sheryl and Kate both know the need for healthy ingredients, but wanted to take it a step further and use as many organic and all-natural ingredients as possible. (They can also make them gluten-free by using brown rice flour in case you have an allergy.) I think you could say these treats are vegetarian since they use no animal products.  I became the official taste tester and love trying all of the 40+ flavors. Each batch of these homemade biscuits is made fresh when ordered and filled with love.

Boston’s Biscuits has raised enough to pay for half of my surgery and is looking to cover the rest of the cost by continuing to make and sell dog biscuits. While I am in recovery, I am trying to be a good boy and continue to be as patient as can be expected while longing to play outside again with my best friend Arya from down the street. My moms call me a playful pup and I  hope the next eight weeks fly by so I can start swimming lessons (for physical therapy), continue to practice my hula hooping, and chewing on a stick while lying in the sun.

If you are interested in donating or buying dog biscuits for your favorite pup, please check out our Facebook Page and Twitter, or you can text or call us between 7am and 7pm @ (508) 649-1998.