Update on Anne Schober’s Building Hope Crew

Update on Anne Schober’s Building Hope Crew

bh_titleUnfortunately, the group was not as successful as they hoped with the Lancaster City Council. Their presentation went well; but, with any new initiative, money is always the pressing issue.

BH_ChurchThey are still looking for one location for a teen shelter along with adding the newest component of the program: helping local school districts start their own teen mentoring program like the one they run every Tuesday night from 5PM-8PM at St. John’s Episcopal Church. As Anne says, ”Then, we will have multiple centers for teens to turn to when they need a place to go to talk, vent, feel accepted, etc.”

If any school district is interested in starting their own Building Hope site please feel free to contact Anne at anneschober@comcast.net. She will, with her Building Hope crew, help build a teen-mentoring program for your students.

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