Bulge(s) Be Gone!

Bulge(s) Be Gone!

— From the pages of FLL#37 • Content provided by Medical Cosmetics

Sixteen years in the personal appearance improvement business has taught me a number of things. One of the most readily apparent has been that women want to improve the way they look. And they don’t do this for their significant others; they do it for themselves and for other women. They do it to improve their self esteem. After all, self esteem is very important for all of us. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to help people improve their self esteem. As an aside, generally women need more help with their self esteem than men do within our culture.

Men like tools and toys. They like to make things, and make things work better. I’m a man. Guess what I just got for Christmas? A brand new tool called SculpSure. And it works very, very well. It works by improving people’s self esteem, and it does this in a very unique way. This tool works by reducing the size of unwanted bulges of fat on people’s bodies. Amazingly it does this better than CoolSculpting in less than half the time, with greater comfort, and at the same or less cost. Wow! Isn’t this exciting?

Let me explain a bit about non-invasive subcutaneous fat reduction. Unlike skin, intestinal, or liver cells, fat cells have a difficult time creating new members of their own population. This means that once they are injured to the point of a premature programmed cell death, they tend to not replenish themselves. I have been using a CoolSculpting machine for over two years now helping people lose unwanted areas of fat around their belly, flanks, and thighs. In people who have been properly selected, the results have been fair to very good. The few times when the subject has been less enthusiastic about the end result have been primarily from trying to achieve a result that was not realistic for that individual. This most often occurs when the person weighs too much at the outset.

CoolSculpting works by decreasing the temperature of fat cells down to ten degrees centigrade (50 degrees fahrenheit) for one hour. SculpSure, my new tool, works by getting the temperature of fat cells up to 42 to 47 degrees Centigrade (107 to 116 degrees Fahrenheit) for just 25 minutes. It actually accomplishes this more comfortably than CoolSculpting. Other advantages for SculpSure over CoolSculpting include that if and when the flanks (also called love handles) are being treated, they can be treated simultaneously instead of one at a time. This means that both flanks can be treated in 25 minutes instead of two hours. Also, maximum fat loss occurs in three months instead of up to four months. Finally, the area of skin and fat to be treated does not have to be pulled away from the underlying muscle, allowing for much greater flexibility where SculpSure can be utilized on the body.

With this new SculpSure technique, an average of 24% of the fat being targeted is metabolically automatically removed by the body three months after performance of a treatment. A second treatment of the same area will result in 42% fat loss. A third treatment of the same targeted area would remove 56% of the original fatty bulge. Recognizing that people want to remove more than 24% of their bulge’s original bulk, subsequent SculpSure treatments will cost progressively less down to a base minimum rate, especially with a desire to treat more than one part of the body.

By the time you, dear reader, have gotten this far in the article, all of our staff at Medical Cosmetics, including myself, will be more svelte than when you had last seen us! Call for your free consultation. Keep in mind that SculpSure is generally most useful for those individuals with a BMI of less than or equal to 30. Here’s to a more shapely new year!

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