The New Mom & Pop Business

The New Mom & Pop Business

Mark and Rachael Reinmiller met eight years ago. Rachael was celebrating her birthday and Mark happened to be playing in the band she went to see. They exchanged phone numbers, and now, nearly a decade later, they have been happily married for three years.

Luckily for us, the newest addition to their relationship—Commonwealth on Queen—is something that all Lancastrians can enjoy. Part cafe, part meeting and venue for both public and private events, this highly community-oriented space is an updated version of the traditional Mom and Pop business. “Mark is my business partner and my partner in life,” Rachael explained. “Commonwealth on Queen brings such a unique element to our relationship. It has made us the closest we’ve ever been.”

From the couple’s descriptions of their commitment to locally-sourced food products to their thoughts on the role that family plays in their business, it is clear that one thing unites this pair on a daily basis: their passion. “We have a place we’re both passionate about,” Mark said. “This place is like another family member.”

And, trust us—it is clear from the moment you walk into Commonwealth on Queen that a feeling of love and togetherness truly does fill the air.

301 North Queen Street
(717) 208-3394 •

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