Catching Up with the Covers

Catching Up with the Covers

Ten years of production has allowed the opportunity for many fun and interesting people to grace the covers of Fine Living Lancaster magazine. For this feature, we took a step back through the years and caught up with some of our fine cover models to see what they’ve been up to.

Issue 2 – Reflections

Since Issue 2, Reflections has been in the process of changing hands to talented former chef, Kelly Kapinos. After spending almost 12 years at Lily’s on Main, Kelly was at the right time in her career to reconnect with Jim Garland, the current owner of Reflections. From there, everything just fell into place. Although full ownership is still a few years away, Kelly is in her second year of transition and things are going smoothly. The restaurant is in its 32nd year of operation and has been updated inside and out—from a seasonally changing menu with daily specials, to décor and adding the covered porch and small outdoor deck. Reflections resides in a building dating back to 1739 and although Kelly does plan to improve the Cigar Lounge on the second floor, she is adamant about preserving the vast and interesting history of the building.

“Changing too much would lose the nostalgia, so I’ve tried to enhance it. We’ve made the hand dug well into a glass covered table for guests to dine at. The stained glass and the wood in the back raiser are from the Lancaster courthouse when it was being remodeled, and the wheels of fortune are from Rocky Springs Amusement Park,” Kelly says. When asked where she sees herself and Reflections in the next ten years, Kelly replies, “That’s a good question. Ten years ago when I was in Issue 4 of FLL, it never crossed my mind that I would be taking over this fantastic restaurant. I do see myself in full ownership and my sights are aimed high with Reflections only getting better over the years. There are always ways to update and improve any establishment, especially one that has the staying power that Reflections has.”

Issue 5 – Hook Up

Technology has come a long way since Issue 5! The cover featured a couple seated at a table in Borders (which is no longer in existence) and lead to a story regarding wireless internet hotspots. Long gone are the days where one had to visit a coffee shop or bookstore in order to utilize the internet. Since 2008, Wi-Fi hotspots have become readily available just about anywhere. Our cell phones are now able to do nearly everything our home computer is able to, while in 2003, less than 1% of cell phones were considered “smart phones.” Tablets and wearable technology, such as the iWatch and digital step trackers, have also been making the world more plugged in than ever. Social media makes it possible to connect with friends and family with the touch of a button. Imagine where technology will be during our 20th anniversary!

Issue 7 – Education

The cover of Issue 7 pictured Madison Pontz and Alyx Brehman in the peak of their high school educations, with one student attending public school and the other enrolled in private school. Accompanying the cover was a feature regarding the important parental decision of choosing one of the differing educational platforms for your child. We caught up with the two students to see where they are now in their schooling.

Since her time at Lancaster Country Day School, Madison has continued her education at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. as a political communications major. She chose the university because she believed it was the perfect place to develop her interests in politics and writing. What better place to study the topic of politics than the nation’s capital? When asked if she thought that her private school experience had prepared her for college, Madison replies, “For sure! I know that when I got to George Washington, I felt like I was completely prepared for the course level, workload, and independence of college. I would definitely credit my education at  Lancaster Country Day School with a lot of that preparedness.”

As far as continuing her education beyond obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, things are still up in the air for Madison. “For now, I’m not quite sure what the future holds and am just focused on graduating this spring. I would love to someday move on to a graduate program, perhaps in psychology with a specialization in gender and sexuality, or in journalism and communications,” she says. So where does Madison see herself in ten years? She would love to find herself working in politics (ideally behind the scenes in a communications department) or in the journalism field. Although she is solely focused on beginning her career path after graduation this spring, she would like to find a job that combines her love of writing, reporting, planning, and politics. Well she did do a fabulous job as Managing Editor of FLL’s politically based edition for Issue 39! Way to go, Madison!

Alyx Brehman continued her education at Temple University after falling in love during a visit there. She studied business marketing, but eventually realized that she was not a fan of North Philadelphia and made the move to Kutztown University to finish out her college years. Along with the change in universities, Alyx also decided to change her major to education. Kutztown seemed like the right fit to her over Millersville University (another great school for majoring in education) since it would take her further away from home. She loved the experience.

Alyx believes that her time spent at Hempfield High School prepared her for furthering her education and still credits the school for how she is doing today. When asked if Alyx plans on continuing her education beyond a Bachelor’s Degree, she replies, “I do plan to continue my education. Education always changes and to further my career, I always want to learn something new. I am required to take classes for my career as well.” So what is Alyx’s career now? She landed a position as an 8th grade English teacher at Manheim Township Middle School and hopes in the next ten years to obtain her Master’s Degree, and to have made a difference.

FLL is proud of these bright young ladies and commend their lust for learning. Keep up the good work!

For access to the full article, reference page 96 of Issue 40 pdf.