Our House Cafe: Chef Jennifer Thompson is Back!

Our House Cafe: Chef Jennifer Thompson is Back!

10647090_620886421361371_7698123279703861518_nYou may be familiar with Chef Jenn from ForknSpoon Cafe, which closed its doors in downtown Lancaster just over a year ago. Chef Jenn is known for her incredible breakfast and lunch, both savory and sweet (and sometimes, a little of both!). Jenn has several years of experience in the restaurant industry.

“Food has always been about family and friends,” Chef Jenn says. She loves bringing people together over a table of food, and at the same time understands that food influences your health and well-being, making her a perfect match for the cafe. Our House Cafe takes great care in hand-picking fresh, organic, and local ingredients for every dish they offer.

Chef Jennifer has  always had a passion for fresh food, and because of the large kitchen at Our House Cafe, she has been given a grander opportunity to further fulfill this enthusiasm for all things fresh and organic. They offer something for everyone, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

The owners, Sarah and Harvey Weinstein, care very much about where food comes from and strive to serve their customers the freshest ingredients available. They source farm fresh ingredients locally and prepare virtually everything on their menu from scratch with no shortcuts taken. It doesn’t get more honest than that.

“We can accommodate guests with all types of dietary preferences and food allergies,” says Sarah. Harvey adds, “The oversized, open kitchen with segregated preparation stations allows Chef Jenn to prepare a multitude of truly gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.” This is particularly important for a restaurant whose top three neighborhood favorites include: build your own organic salads, freshly baked and kettle boiled kosher bagels, and corned beef or pastrami brisket sandwiches.

You can also order your meal online! The cafe understands the value of time during a lunch break, for example. By ordering online, the cafe will make sure your food is ready when you come to pick it up. They also offer catering, and are planning some fun harvest dinners in the near future to bring the community together, and to share the abundance that Lancaster County has to offer.

Our House Cafe excitedly welcomes Chef Jenn with open arms, and FLL magazine is thrilled to once again taste her delicious, edible offerings in Lancaster. Welcome, Jenn!

Our House Cafe
608 Richmond Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 617-7745
Open 7 Days A Week