Ten Signs Your Coffee Addiction is All Too Real

Ten Signs Your Coffee Addiction is All Too Real

Constantly caught with a cup of coffee in your hand? Wondering if your caffeine addiction is getting to be a bit much? Go on, set down that mug in your hand and read on.


1. No one should even try to talk to you before your first cup of coffee in the morning. You know what? Make that your second cup.


2. You heard angels sing when you first walked into Passenger Coffee Roaster’s new King Street location. That menu board! Those perfectly made lattes! Ah!


3. You have strong feelings about the different coffee shops around town. You swear by your favorites… but know that even your least favorites are pretty great.


4. Nothing raises your spirits like a little bit of good-hearted sass from the gang at Mean Cup‘s Central Market stand.


5. You can drink your coffee anyway you get it. Black, iced, caramel latte… you’ll take it.


6. …But, then again, you know exactly what your ideal cup tastes like. Iced with half and half, no sugar, please!


7. Speaking of iced coffee, you can drink it year round. Even bundled up in a snowstorm, you’ll still chance your hands for a cup of iced coffee.


8. At this point, caffeine doesn’t affect you like it does a normal person. Two cups of coffee at 11 PM are the perfect nighttime tuck-in.


9. You collect mugs. Yes, cool design is appreciated, but what’s most important is that the coffee mug is the size of a small bowl.


10. You sometimes wonder if your coworkers have noticed how quickly the coffee goes during your shifts…. but then again, you wouldn’t be half as productive without your normal three to six cups.


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