Coffee’s Kid Brother

Coffee’s Kid Brother

— From the pages of FLL#37

Regular Coffee’s kid brother Decaf is all grown up. It is now just as strong and flavorful as its older brother. What was once a brown, bland liquid in the form of instant powder is now sumptuously rich and every bit as robust as regular coffee. Here are a few favorite coffee shops who offer some of the finest decaf coffees without compromising that full-bodied taste you’ve grown to love.

108 West Orange Street, Lancaster PA

The perfect city ambience for a cup of coffee and great conversation lives at On Orange. And, after your first taste of Star Barn Decaf from Lancaster County Coffee Roasters, you’ll be asking your server if your coffee is, in fact, decaffeinated. A rich coffee bean flavor with each sip is the perfect complement to any of On Orange’s delectable menu items. Share this café with friends or relax at their bar for a quiet read and a cup of superb coffee. It won’t be long before your next visit.

398 Harrisburg Avenue and Central Market, Lancaster PA

Venture into Mean Cup and indulge yourself in their spacious, urbanindustrial café adorned with stainless steel and cool art. Mean specializes in single origin coffee and after selecting their Ethiopian blend, I settled in with high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed. This medium roast was smooth and flavor-packed and had a hearty taste that beckoned me to drink to the last drop. You can also grab a cup to go from their Central Market location.

1639 Lititz Pike, Lancaster PA

It’s always buzzing at The Coffee Company regardless of your coffee choice. You can amp up with their regular coffee or stay calm with either their House or Hazelnut blend. I opted for the Hazelnut blend and was delighted with the brightness and clarity of the coffee. I could have easily paired this cup with one of their scrumptious pastries or omelets. Start or end your day with a fine cup of decaf from The Coffee Company.

2351 Oregon Pike, Lancaster PA

The next time you visit the Shoppes at Landis Valley, pop into The Coffee Station and snag a superb cup of decaf coffee to go, or relax on one of their comfy sofas and stay awhile. With an endless selection of flavored syrups, I opted for caramel and vanilla in a medium full-bodied coffee called Armando’s blend. Each cup is ground fresh and I was absolutely hooked at the first hot, satisfying sip. Make your next coffee journey to The Coffee Station. You’ll be glad you did.