Everything in business is about who you know. When someone says: “I really need a good…” Do you have a suggestion for them? You probably should. Not only because you want to be the kind of person to be of help to others, but also because having a trusted network of connections to provide items or services will certainly serve the growth of your own business. Being a trusted provider of connections is arguably just as important as being able to market your own business. Businesses and personal relationships are strengthened by the ability to be someone who can help with anything.

This is why networking groups are so valuable in today’s business climate. When fostering friendships among members, there’s a trust and accountability established unlike any other. This is why the Lancaster-founded networking group Referrals Partners Plus is growing rapidly in size and influence. The Manheim Township chapter offers a large and diverse group with a wide variety of services and products to meet nearly any need. In the following pages, you’ll meet some of the members who belong to the chapter. They are a dynamic and successful group and can certainly help you with anything in their fields. Read on to discover some of the best of what RPP has to offer.

Andy Sedora & Wes Carr, Jr. of Liberty Financial Strategies have decades of experience guiding business owners and individuals on their financial journeys. Along the way, they’ll help you gain perspective, focus on the big picture, ask the right questions and work with you and your other professional advisors to help reach your stated goals


This mother-in-law/daughter-inlaw duo help their clients sell properties faster by using their home staging services. Their nationally award-winning company consists of six team members, allowing multiple staging jobs to easily be completed at once. All furniture, accessories and artwork are owned by the company, and is housed in their warehouse. Staging almost always costs less than the first price reduction, so don’t leave money on the table by not using their services.

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