Night Under the Northern Lights Cosmic Bash: an Atomic-ally Designed Event

Night Under the Northern Lights Cosmic Bash: an Atomic-ally Designed Event

The North Museum is teaming up with several local businesses to bring you a Night Under the Northern Lights. This “Cosmic Bash” is a fundraising gala event benefitting both the North Museum and their young women’s program, STEM Sisters. The sit-down dinner, live/silent auction, and music event is taking place on Saturday, March 5 of this year at Spooky Nook Sports.

ATO_1433STEM Sisters is described as a “fun, inter­ac­tive, and effec­tive way to spark young women’s inter­est in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).” The pro­gram is free for all girls in grades 6 through 12 and provides an interactive and immersive environment to explore their interests. Donating to STEM sis­ters helps empower mem­bers to becom­e the inno­v­a­tive and informed cit­i­zens of our city’s future.

Lititz-based company Atomic is a huge part of this event. If you’re from Lancaster, you’re most likely familiar with Atomic and the larger corporate events they take part in. They work with huge brand-name companies such as Samsung, Nike, and Target (as well as the Robin Hood Foundation and “I Heart Music” Festival), but what many locals don’t realize is that they have four main capabilities within their company which reach further than just musical events. FLL got the chance to speak with Marketing Manager (and daughter of Chairman and COO, Tom McPhillips) Chloe Rich.


Through an overview of services, I discovered that Atomic actually focuses on four main lines of work. First, their production services aid in anything to do with an event, from the initial conceptual aspect through the logistics (hiring staff, hiring designers, finding a venue, and creating a budget). Second, the design crew is responsible for production design for all the events related to Atomic. Third, the construction team takes a design and turns it into reality. They are essentially the nuts and bolts of the creative process. For instance, if someone wants a giant Eiffel Tower, the construction team figures out what it really means to create one by deciding on materials, to engineering the product in a safe manner, and finally building everything. Finally, there is the rental solutions team. Atomic eventually realized that when many of their constructed items were coming back into the warehouse and being requested for additional rentals for various other events, they had created a market for rentals without intentionally trying to. The rental solutions team rented out already existing design work at first, but eventually started designing items specifically for rent.


Once a company works with Atomic for a design, everything gets built right in Lititz and has to be pulled apart like a big jigsaw puzzle in order to fit in the truck. Next, the Atomic road team travels to locations with the product and instructional manuals (which the drafting and production teams create) to piece everything together.

ATO_1448Through a breathtaking plan, which has been in the works for almost a year, Atomic will be transforming the large event room at Spooky Nook into a frost-inspired aurora borealis event. The entire evening and what it encapsulates will be one of the most exciting and creative events in Lancaster in 2016.

Atomic has created a silver laser cloth which will coat the otherwise blank, white walls of the room. Atomic plans to light the cloth with different colors to resemble the Northern lights, and specifically the aurora borealis. “The whole idea is that you’ll walk in and feel that you’ve entered a warm version of the Arctic,” says Atomic’s chairman and CCO, Tom McPhillips. Even the centerpieces will be made of ice.

And of course, no event hosted by the North Museum would be complete without some science experiments. Atomic plans to incorporate dry ice and other science-related surprises for guests to further instill a strong scientific theme throughout the evening.

Atomic is also installing a 20′ by 30′ stage for the live band to play. There will be a dance floor in front of the stage with tables all around for the sit-down dinner portion of the evening.


And this is not the first event that the North Museum and Atomic have collaborated on. Tom tells us that this is actually the fourth annual event that they have partnered up for. Previously working with limited decorative allowances and limited space, both Atomic and the North Museum are truly looking forward to the literal blank white walls and larger room at Spooky Nook Sports.

ATO_1459Setup itself will take at least three days before and up to the day of the event. The room at Spooky Nook creates as fun and exciting challenge for installing the decorations as they will need to attach lights, drapes, and other contraptions to the essentially empty walls; they will start from scratch, and it will be 100% their own design

Atomic is absolutely excited about working with several local businesses including Rob Shumaker, who creates sound and production to accompany Atomic’s physical scenery for the event.

FLL is so excited to be a part of the event. Please make sure you stop by our stand to pick up a copy of Issue 37 of the magazine and to get your photo taken in front of the FLL backdrop!

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COSMIC BASH 2016: Night Under the Northern Lights
Saturday, March 5 at Spooky Nook Sports • 5:30 PM