Count to Ten.

Count to Ten.

Ten years.

Ten! Years! It is almost inconceivable that it’s been ten years since Fine Living Lancaster was launched. As I look back on what those ten years have seen, rather than the typical “it’s gone so fast” thoughts, I thought I’d reflect on the impact that FLL has had on me personally and the impact I hope FLL has had on Lancaster.

First, on Lancaster.

My hope is that FLL has brought light to the public eye and consciousness. What I mean by this is that I hope FLL has caused the reader to consider different options for their daily life, whether that means trying a new restaurant, fashion choice, art, or music. Equally important, I hope it has inspired a new consideration about our readers’ fellow citizens and how they interact with one another. In the first ten years of FLL, I hope that we have presented ideas, concepts, and considerations which have caused you to think. Not a sea change, but just a potential mild course alteration in the way you see your surroundings. Hopefully you have embraced some of the things you first heard about from FLL. Maybe you didn’t like them, maybe you loved them and have integrated them into your daily life. But, as long as we have introduced you to new things, we’ve done our job.

Now, what about me? The impact FLL has had on my life I could not, in my wildest dreams, have ever anticipated. The amazing people who come together to create FLL, be they current or from the past, have certainly impacted my life for the positive. You learn something new from anyone who comes into your life. I think these people have made me a better person. At least, I hope so. I have to specifically mention Katerina Kuss, who has been with me since the beginning. Starting as a “side project” for her, and quickly evolving into a full-time job, Kat has done a fantastic job of keeping us fresh and stylish. She has also become family—the younger sister I never had who challenges me to be my best.

Speaking of family, what a fantastic thing it has been for me to see my family contribute to the magazine. My daughter, Madison—only 12 when we released our first issue—has now helmed the summer issue for two years running while on break from The George Washington University. My son, Jordan, has contributed beautiful photographs over the years, and my wife, Marian, created what is one of the most popular ongoing features—Lunch, bringing noteworthy causes and individuals to the public eye. Certainly FLL is, to much extent, a family affair.

The other amazing benefit of FLL is the new people it has brought into my life. Contributors to the magazine have become friends. And, specifically, one person that I had never met before the magazine existed is now a dear friend and a trusted confidant and advisor—my friend Penn Ketchum. Suffice it to say, the existence of Fine Living Lancaster has indeed enriched my own existence.

It is my hope that it has enriched your life as well. I hope that you have found it to be enlightening and thought provoking, that you have found a new restaurant or nightspot which has become your favorite, some new music or art that now occupies a prominent place in your life, or perhaps you have found a cause that you are passionate about. Or, simply, I hope that you enjoy the time you spend with Fine Living Lancaster magazine.

And, most of all, I hope that we continue to be a positive, entertaining, and engaging part of your life. We’ll do our best to make sure that we are.

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