Creating a Warm Space In Cold Winter Months

Creating a Warm Space In Cold Winter Months


There are several reasons as to why candles are so relaxing. The flickering of a flame and the illumination it cascades across the room causes peace within. Some people can enter meditative states from focusing on a candle’s flame. Light a candle with your morning coffee, or bathe by candlelight at nighttime. Choose scents and colors which you personally find attractive.


Textiles come in all forms. Mix the texture of hardwood floors and smooth walls with fuzzy faux fur rugs. Drape a cozy throw blanket over your sofa or chair. Pick out some inviting, colorful pillows for your bed (there is no such thing as too many pillows). Hang a homemade wall hanging made of fabric or yarn as the focal point of your favorite room. There are so many ways to incorporate textiles into your home. The more items you have that invoke a “please touch” attitude, the cozier!


Valley Home recently went curtain shopping, and wow! There are so many choices. There are endless levels of thickness, softness, silkiness, color, and design in the unique world of curtains. We love sheer, silky fabrics or bright and colorful designs. Insider’s tip: hang a curtain along a wall from floor to ceiling to create a textural, wallpaper-like effect.


Issue 1 of Valley Home explored the art of a gallery wall. The best gallery walls mix big with tiny, oblong with square, and round with clean lines. Even pages from magazines, old children’s books, postcards, and polaroids can be framed. Not everything has to be framed with your typical picture frame. Utilize brightly colored washi tape to create temporary frames around key pieces of artwork. Mix mirrors in with shelves and plants. Hang your favorite fancy dresses or outrageous outfits that you can no longer wear. Don’t just stick to flat 2-D artwork, either!


Aside from being bold and unconventional, dark accent walls can truly change an entire room. You don’t just have to stick with dark grays, blues, or browns, either. Choose something bright and festive, like red, fuchsia, or yellow. You can even choose an accent color first, and then base the rest of the room’s décor around it. Have some fun!


String lights have become quite popular. You can find modest LED string lights, or go all out with some Edison bulbs. Hang them around a doorway or from one corner to another across a room. You can even hang them outside. This makes your house feel so warm and inviting, especially at nighttime when you have guests or are cozying up with a good book or a scary movie.