Daryl Bollinger Co. LLC

Daryl Bollinger Co. LLC

Daryl Bollinger Co. LLC has been improving views since 1973, with a well-earned reputation for quality and integrity in every home improvement project its team encounters.

Originally founded by Daryl Bollinger as the sole employee, the independent contractor has since expanded into a partnership with his three sons, Jeff, Nelson and Ryan. The Bollinger brothers grew up in the Ephrata/Lititz area working for their father in the summers. After graduating, they continued to build the family business. Daryl bears the current title of coowner with his sons, and is still involved in the daily operations of the business, which include aspects such as sales, scheduling, installation, and customer service. Jeff, Nelson and Ryan are each skilled in carrying out all of these roles, and know through experience that teamwork is the key to making everything run smoothly.

“We grow together,” says Nelson of the working relationship he enjoys with his father and brothers. “We start out at 6:30 in the morning and head home at 5:00 in the evening, day-in and day-out. We are a family and we work together as a family. And, you know, it works out great.”

Both the Bollinger family and business are based in the Lititz area and oversee projects for clients located in Lancaster, York and Lebanon counties. Daryl Bollinger Co. LLC also takes on long-distance projects for its Central
Pennsylvania clients that own cabin and beach residences. Rather than have the client come to them, the sales team at Daryl Bollinger Co. LLC essentially brings the showroom to the client when starting the planning process. This consists of showing sample siding, windows and doors from preferred manufacturers carried by local suppliers. Through visits to these suppliers, clients are also able to view in-stock sample products in the styles and finishes they’re looking for.

For years, the family-owned and operated business has primarily been known for its quality installation work in the areas of energy efficient windows and maintenance-free siding. Today, the list of services also includes upgraded doors, railings and spouting, as well as basement remodeling and three-season and four-season porch and patio enclosures.

Daryl Bollinger Co. LLC works with a select group of manufacturers and is excited to offer clients the best choice of mid-grade and premium products that work with each individual budget. These manufacturers include Great Lakes Window with its lifetime warranty, Therma-Tru and ProVia high performance doors, and all varieties of vinyl siding through CertainTeed and Mastic.

A majority of the home improvement company’s work has been for repeat customers and referrals, says Nelson, who is proud to honor his family’s reputation for service after sales. This includes the timely completion of agreed-upon work, accurate estimates and professional clean-up after each project.

The Bollingers agree that, in addition to meeting new customers, the most rewarding part of the job is seeing the work after it’s been completed. As a way to show clients what a finished project will look like, before-and-after pictures are presented in consultation as well as on the company’s website, which hosts a gallery of completed work, product and service descriptions, and customer testimonials.

“It’s good to see that before-and-after picture,” says Nelson. “Customers can relate to the work better. It makes it fun and interesting.”

Because the employees at Daryl Bollinger Co. LLC are also the owners, every project the team oversees is completed with precision and attention to detail with the paramount goal of customer satisfaction in mind.

“One thing that people know us for is definitely the quality of our work,” says Nelson. “Our biggest goal is to make sure that we’re there for the customer. We go above and beyond, as far as what it takes to get the job done, and we definitely want to make sure the customer is happy with it.”

Future plans for the family business include continuing on the path of producing consistent, quality work, as well as increasing its number of team members to assist in certain areas, like installation.

“Our goal is to get a few more employees on our team, and to have them do the same quality work as we do,” says Nelson. “That’s our long-range goal.”

For over 40 years, the family-owned and operated home improvements company has provided exceptional building, installation and customer service for a growing number of clients that have projects in Central Pennsylvania and beyond. Firmly built on a legacy of customer satisfaction, the team’s reverence for family and its pride in producing quality work continues to support the success of Daryl Bollinger Co. LLC into the future.