DRIVE: The 2016 XC Volvo 90

DRIVE: The 2016 XC Volvo 90

XC90Wheel— From the pages of FLL Issue #38 • Feature & Photos by Will Marks

The new, completely restyled Volvo XC90 is an absolute triumph. Completely dispelling the notion that Volvo is a “safe but stately choice,” the new XC90 now brings the Volvo brand firmly into the European feel and performance category.

This particular vehicle is quiet, comfortable, and quite a pleasure to drive through your normal day. The difference shines through when you switch to the dynamic driving mode. All thoughts of staid are left in the dust as the XC90 accelerates aggressively and turns corners like it invented them. “Stately…?” Not so much.

XC90DashTechnology in the XC90 is also a step ahead; the Sensus system is set up to look and function much like an iPad or tablet. Controls for navigation, stereo, climate, and more are easily accessible and intuitive. It also connects to services and can be used to access the internet for restaurant reviews to find the nearest coffee shop or gas station.

Overall, the XC90 is a complete homerun for Volvo. Once you drive it, you’ll certainly say…


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