I Want You to Want Me (Meet Erin @ Victoria’s Secret)

I Want You to Want Me (Meet Erin @ Victoria’s Secret)

Greetings FLL readers! Meet Erin Blackman.

I get coupons, lots of free panties, and “ten dollars off any bra” coupons, all from Victoria’s Secret, leaving a bulge in my wallet until I find the courage needed to enter this overwhelming sea of colors, textures, smells, and the reality of disrobing in front of mirrors.

Today was the day, and as I stepped into Victoria’s Secret, I was greeted not with an aggressive salutation or a questioning, “Are you in the right store?” stare, but a lovely and comforting, “Hi!”

Within seconds I was escorted back to the fitting room where the lovely, energetic, extremely efficient Ms. Blackman gave me a bra to try on and then (in spite of my resistance) her recommended new size and five more bras for my perusal. She checked for size, allayed all of my fears and concerns, and did it all with a smile and an intent that did not betray the five other customers she was helping with the same efficiency. She found everything I wanted, in every boring color picked and not once did she suggest more than I wanted to buy or colors or shapes that I would be uncomfortable with (some of which I still don’t understand how they fit or what they cover). Erin knows her audience. She surrounds you with a sense of confidence built upon her knowledge, humor, and sincerity.

Some climb Everest, some run marathons, others jump out of planes. But I, with the help of my “sherpa” Erin Blackman, helped me conquer undergarment shopping with style, grace, and I think for the first time in a long time, the correct bra size! Tim Gunn (Project Runway host and constant preacher for better uplift and new proper undergarments) would be so proud of me. I was tempted to e-mail him just to let him know and to share my find in Ms. Blackman.

On a side note and strictly my opinion:

Men, stay out of the dressing room area.  Watching your girlfriend model undergarments in a fitting room full of women gives us all the creeps. I am certain the two of you can find some other way to reignite your fire. Share a smoothie (two straws, one cup). Safe for everyone involved.