Katerina’s Escape: Escape Room Lancaster

Katerina’s Escape: Escape Room Lancaster

I consider myself above average at solving puzzles. Just ask my iPhone. It’s filled with games where logical thinking is a must and reaching high levels requires painstaking hours of patience, and reluctantly waiting for lives to refill to try yet again for gold stars. And so, when I was invited to try out The Escape Room Lancaster for my Aunt Vickie’s birthday, I was all in. The only thing I really knew about The Escape Room was that our group of six eager smarty pants were required to find the key to exit the room within the allowed time of one hour. The rules seemed easy enough.

Aunt Vickie chose the Medieval Room and after we practiced opening a variety of different locks in the waiting room, with some instruction and rules to guide us, we were ushered to the room and locked in. The room itself was packed with clues and filled with locks to open. Oh my! This was quite the challenge. We put our heads together and searched for combinations. Without giving away the secrets of The Escape Room, I will fast forward to the end of the puzzle.

The five-minute warning flashed on the screen and we went into a full out vicious fury of decoding the last lock. With four minutes remaining, my Uncle Tim “thought outside the box” and found the key to open the door towards our freedom. Whew! We made it just in the nick of time and proudly posed for our victory photo.

Afterwards, while enjoying a well-earned cup of coffee and a piece of pie at a local diner, I nursed my mild headache caused by all of the brain activity. And now, after refilling my lives, I am more than ready to take on the challenge again in another themed room which The Escape Room Lancaster has to offer. Bring it on!

The Escape Room Lancaster is located across from the train station on McGovern Road and is the most sober fun six people can have while locked in a room together. Whether for a birthday, team building activity, or just a fun and friendly get-together, the challenge is sure to be a memorable one.

Reservations are a must so grab your group of logic gurus and visit www.escaperoomlancaster.com to book your adventure.