Expanded Visions returns to the Ware Center on First Friday

Expanded Visions returns to the Ware Center on First Friday

— information provided by The Ware Center

Expanded Visions Photography Exhibition returns for another season at the Ware Center, located at 42 N. Prince Street in Lancaster, PA.

Expanded Visions is a juried exhibition that embraces all forms of photography, from the traditional darkroom to the digital image, including film, digital, alternative processes, toy camera, collage, montage, mixed media, and more. The Expanded Visions Photography Exhibition has been in existence since the early 1980s and was originally called “Silver Visions.” It was renamed “Expanded Visions” in 2010 to acknowledge the emergence of digital photography. The exhibit is presented by Lancaster Summer Arts.

Since the early ’80s, it was all about 35mm cameras and film. Today, the tools of the trade range from iPhones to point-and-shoot digital cameras. “These days, everyone is a photographer,” says Shauna Frischkorn, professor of art and photography at Millersville University.  “I think that the accessibility of photography to all of us can be both good and bad. On one hand, we can take hundreds of photos each day in an almost mindless way. We snap selfies as we brush our teeth, blow a kiss, and eat a meal — with very little thought. Social media are overwhelmed with these disposable images. Then there is the achievement of making a statement with a photograph, a beautiful, skillfully crafted photograph that says something meaningful and lasting.

“Despite all the new devices and technology, the elements of a good photograph are timeless,” Frischkorn says. A good photograph has an idea or a concept. It has compelling composition. It communicates something. It takes a spot in the memory of the viewer.

“We have been amazed at the excellent work of the photographers,” Frischkorn says. “They really do have an expanded vision of their world.” What they have in common is being able to tell a story, capture a moment, or make a statement in a stand-out kind of way.