Finance is Fun: Meagan Larson of Ameriprise Financial

Finance is Fun:
Meagan Larson of Ameriprise Financial

With a background in martial arts and a passion for drag racing, you would never predict that Meagan Larson, brand new Chief Operating Officer and Financial Advisor with the practice of Ted Williams, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial, Inc., would end up in a financial career. However, with such a unique past Meagan truly is the perfect fit for the job.

Newly married to a local man from Middletown, Meagan actually grew up in Detroit. She has a background in martial arts, and what she enjoys most about the art was the sheer challenge and discipline involved. Meagan was also raised by a family with a passion for Shelby Mustangs, Camaro’s, and 300 SRT8’s, racing them and showing them off. “There’s no speed that’s too fast,” Meagan says with a smile. “It’s great being one of the only women on the track.”

That being said, I’m sure you can already tell that Meagan is not your cookie-cutter “girl next door” type. In such a successful position with a franchise advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial, Inc., she is ready to get down to business. Meagan was previously a consultant for advisors at Ameriprise Corporate (a Fortune 500 company), but now she is the advisor. She is young, but she approaches everything with fresh eyes, and is successful.

Oh, and she speaks Mandarin Chinese and French. Fluently. This woman is brilliant, and is confident in her role as a young woman in a professional world.

“We are changing as an office, as well,” she explains. “Bringing in new blood will revamp the experience for our clients.” She goes on to explain the new roles of each individual working with franchise owner Chief Executive Officer, Ted Williams. Ted is incredible with retirees, and so he will be honing in on that type of clientele. One of Meagan’s main focuses is holistic financial planning, but also helping younger generations have financial confidence. It is Meagan’s hope that she can take the strengths of each employee, and help them refine a specific specialty. With each staff member having an expertise, clients will know they’re speaking to someone who is an expert in what they need, someone who is dedicated to their situation and ready to find a solution.

The practice’s new mission, brought in by Meagan, is “Confidence, Independence, and Dignity.” Meagan and Ted strive to drive their mission not just throughout their practice but also within the local community. They plan to present topics to the general public regarding non-financially related topics such as identity theft, the science of keeping your brain strong, and several others. And of course, Ted Williams is known for having fun within the community, hosting happy hours among other events that you normally wouldn’t equate with the financial world.

Meagan Larson and the rest of her team are ready to help you enjoy today while planning for tomorrow.

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