Fine Finds – Beat the Winter Blues

Fine Finds – Beat the Winter Blues

There is a very special day that arrives each and every fall season without fail. This is the day you run out of the house, late for work in your short sleeved shirt and flip flops, completely unaware of the impending mass of frigid air that is about to hit you like a ton of bricks. It spins you around like a top and pushes you back indoors for a complete change of wardrobe. Yes, my friend, it’s cold weather season again which means you are now entering the deep, dark days of winter. But, why be so glum? Just because the temperatures have hit the freezing mark doesn’t mean the rest of the season has to be spent in a flannel nightgown and slipper socks. Here are some hot ideas to beat the winter blues that will make your winter season something to look forward to year after year.

Jamann Sailing Adventures Extraordinaire

For those of us who simply cannot part with our summer attire for any long period of time, the logical destination is the Caribbean. Two ex-Lancastrians, Jim and Kathy Jackson, are just the folks to make your dreams come true. The Jacksons, or Captain HiHo (Kathy) and Captain Grey Beard the Benevolent Pirate (Jim), are literally “living the dream” by owning a fully equipped sloop rigged sailboat complete with all of the amenities one could ever ask for. Forget the huge cruise liners that make you feel like a sardine, this sailing adventure is for those who really want a personal experience gliding on the crystal clear waters around the U.S./British/Spanish Virgin Islands with nothing more than the sound of the waves lapping on the side of the boat, superb cuisine, and quiet, balmy nights spent with great hosts and engaging conversations. Winter doesn’t get any better than this!


Volt Resistance Women’s Heated Leather Gloves

For those of us who try to beat the winter blues by engaging in many outdoor activities during the cold weather season, it seems our hands always grow cold faster than any other part of our body. Warmth is on the way with Volt Resistance Women’s Titan 7v heated leather gloves. Not only do they keep your hands warm for three hours on the high setting, or 12 hours on the low setting, they also heat each finger, the back and palm of your hand, as well as your thumb. Made of premium leather and waterproof, your hands will stay nice and toasty over prolonged exposure to the cold. These gloves are perfect for any outdoor activity. Keep winter at bay this season with a warm set of hands courtesy of Volt.



Hydro Flask Insulated Coffee, Tea, and Water Bottle

Finally, a beverage bottle that performs the way you want it to. The Hydro Flask coffee, tea, or water bottle will keep your liquid hot for 12 hours in the winter (and cold for 24 hours in the summer). No more lukewarm java by the time you arrive to work in the morning. Choose between the 40 oz. wide mouth bottle or the 16 oz. coffee bottle. And you even have the choice between a hydro-flip lid or the wide mouth straw lid. This bottle comes in several very cool colors and features a durable sweat-free powder coat finish and lifetime warranty. Drown your winter blues in a Hydro Flask bottle and enjoy hot coffee or tea all day long!


Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival

Who knew you could experience one of the greatest music festivals in the country right smack in the middle of winter? The brainchild of music promoter, Rich Ruoff, Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival is a yearly gathering of some of the finest musicians from across the states, and the world. The festival typically features over fifty concerts at various venues throughout Lancaster City and happens to be coming up in February of 2017. So, if you are still suffering from the winter blahs by then, you owe it to yourself to pack on the wool garments and get out to hear some of the best Blues, Jazz, Americana, Folk, Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Bluegrass, Funk, and Soul. Nothing brings more sunshine and warm vibes to Lancaster City in the winter than the Roots and Blues Festival. If you love music, tasty food, great venues, and making new friends, this is the place to get stuck at for the weekend!