Fitness is Not Just for New Years: Wayne Mutata of ITrain Studio

Fitness is Not Just for New Years: Wayne Mutata of ITrain Studio

Wayne Mutata. He is charming, confident, upbeat, and full of life.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Wayne has now lived in the United States for nine years. His first job in the States was at a commercial gym, and eventually he became a rehab and fitness specialist at Willow Valley Retirement Communities for 5 years. Knowing that he would eventually like to run his own gym, Wayne knew he needed to have experience coaching people of all ages, including the elderly.

“I wanted to help them so I could know what I’m talking about as the body ages,” he says.

Fitness is a lifestyle. Many of us make ambitious New Years resolutions to work out five times a week or to cut out sugar completely from our diets, but does that really work? Once February hits, how likely are you to have kept your fabulous resolution? “Fitness shouldn’t just be a quick fix,” Wayne explains.

Wayne now owns ITrain Studio (35 West James Street), a one-stop-shop for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or how much you’ve worked out in the past. His studio is different than most gyms, as he only accepts 100 clients as members at a time. Since fitness is not just a quick fix to Wayne, he focuses on changing his clients lifestyle to suit their needs and growing with them as they work up to personal goals. Everyone works together and next to one another; there is no segregation—a mother of three who wants to feel great in her favorite dress can work comfortably next to a professional athlete at ITrain Studio. “In most gyms, athletes are here while people who work out casually are here. But at ITrain Studio, we work among each other; it seems to work because of the environment I’ve created,” Wayne says.

ITrain Studio has been open for a little over one year, and already has 100 dedicated members being coached by Wayne and his employees. Wayne helps each client work towards their personal goal, helping them better themselves physically and emotionally. Fitness plans aren’t just physical. In fact, they’re psychological, too.

Wayne works with three types of clients.

The general population includes anyone from housewives to retired clientel, and they are coached for strength within their daily lives. Whether it’s carrying groceries or carrying children, Wayne encourages carrying dumbbells, walking up and down, cardiovascular exercises, and small diet changes.

The high school to college athletes undergo more aggressive performance-related coaching. They will be asked to push a sled with at least their body weight on it, and Wayne helps build up their diet so they can perform at maximum level.

The competitors undergo a vigorous training regimen based on aesthetics and visual appearance and is planned down to a science. Wayne helps them schedule rest periods and even their meals and the amount of each food they eat are carefully timed and measured.

Wayne himself competes and has won several noteworthy awards. He received the NGA Open Champion Award in 2015, the Mister Iron Fit Body Champion Award in 2015, the NABBA Award of Honor in 2015, and is the NABBA Men’s Short Fit Body Champion as well.  The most important thing to Wayne is that everything he and his clients participate in is 100% natural.

“My main principle,” he explains, “Is if you want to go fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, you’re going to need a team. Let us help you.”

Don’t just make a resolution. Change your everyday.

Visit Wayne at ITrain Studio.
35 West James Street, Lancaster, PA
(717) 341-8755

Wayne Mutata