Behind-the-Scenes with Front Cover Model, Rebecca Svendsen

Behind-the-Scenes with Front Cover Model, Rebecca Svendsen

CoverModelFLL28FeatureSlideshowWhere are you right now? 

I’m catching up on email in Panera somewhere in Maryland on my way home from a work trip to photograph and interview savings groups in rural Haiti.

What do you do for a living? 

I’m the communications team manager for HOPE International. HOPE is a nonprofit providing small business loans, savings services, training, and discipleship to help families escape poverty in 17 countries worldwide.

Name two hobbies/collections/current obsessions you have.

I bought a road bike this spring and really enjoy exploring different routes throughout the county. And while I’m not a big pop person, I can’t stop listening to Katy Perry’s “Roar.”

What is one of your favorite things to do/visit/eat in Lancaster? 

I’m always up for some soft pretzels from Immergut’s. The Amish know their pretzels.

What was your favorite thing about modeling the jewelry for the  November issue? 

Everyone on the creative team for our shoot had good ideas and a great sense of humor. It’s always fun to have someone else dress you up, too. 

Describe a piece of jewelry you own/love. 

I really love a pair of earrings I recently bought from a beach vendor on vacation in Panama. They’re made from twisted metal from Peru, and everyone seems to see something different in their shape.

Tell me one of you and your family’s holiday traditions. 

My family is Norwegian, so Christmas Eve is a really special night. We typically go see a movie as a family, that day, then Mom serves rice porridge with one almond in it. Whoever gets the almond in their serving gets a small candy pig made of marzipan. Then we exchange gifts and go to a candlelight service late that evening.

Tell readers about your podcast. 

I sometimes sit in as a co-host on the Lancast, a podcast about interesting people from all walks of life who are living or passing through Lancaster. You’d be surprised to see the variety of people who have made Lancaster their home.

Why do you read Fine Living Lancaster?

It’s a magazine we can be proud of, and it’s a helpful way to find out about unique things going on in Lancaster. I also love seeing my favorite business owners highlighted through great photography.