Health & Wellness: Fortius Health & Performance Center

Health & Wellness: Fortius Health & Performance Center

— From the pages of FLL#37 • Photo by Bianca Cordova

To the staff at Fortius Health and Performance Center, there is a distinct difference between being certified and being qualified. The Fortius staff ’s goal is to help you reach your fitness goals more efficiently. There is an attention to detail given by the staff which allows them to utilize their expertise and provide a more customized exercise experience. You can enter Fortius at any point in your fitness journey, receiving prehabilitation, physical therapy, or fitness services for both young and seasoned clients, as well as from beginning fitness enthusiasts to accomplished athletes.

Whether you’re a performing artist, high level athlete, or someone looking to prepare for an active vacation, Fortius has created a continuum of exercises where participants can set any goal and achieve it with the supervision and instruction from expert staff members.

“We frequently call our gym an ‘ungym,’” says Sharon Hurst. “No one is going to fall prey to the latest and greatest fitness gimmick. Our programs are evidence based and provide our clients with the results they desire from their exercise program.” Even the more ambitious fitness programs involve more intense but purposeful training, rather than resorting to a haphazard, random exercise session.

Another personal aspect of Fortius is that rather than packing fifty people into a classroom, their group sessions remain small, allowing the staff to focus on the individual and provide personal guidance.

The word Fortius is derived from the Latin word for “strength.” Whether it’s through mind and body classes, such as tai chi, pilates, and yoga, through your own personal strength and conditioning coach, or healing from an injury, you will find your fitness niche at Fortius Health Performance Center, where a variety of services can be found under one roof.

2078 Bennet Avenue • Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 553-4088