Frazey Ford with Hiss Golden Messenger

Frazey Ford with Hiss Golden Messenger

The strength of a woman can be found within her voice. For Frazey Ford, her strength is easily heard through her singing voice. Sometimes sultry and dark, other times light and breezy, Frazey’s musical talents bring a sense of depth and emotion to anyone listening.

Frazey was always very shy as a child and didn’t actually begin singing publically until she was 20 years old. “My family is still shocked that I’m a performer because of how shy I was.” Raised by two true hippies, Frazey’s talent was inspired by her family. Always travelling and adventurous, her parents were influenced by music, art, and poetry.

Frazey never actually aspired to become a singer when she was a child. Due to her upbringing in such an artistically inclined home, Frazey’s personal way of rebelling was by doing well in school and focusing on mathematics and science. But she always, always came back to music to recharge.

Frazey creates an personal, intimate experience with her audience. As the lyrics leave her lips, she relives the story she is telling. She focuses on the emotions of the song, reaching a part of the psyche that a simple conversation just cannot achieve. Sometimes, the stories and feelings she relives are not easy, such as those in the song “Done.”

The song is about dealing with an abusive character, which for many really hits home. However, Frazey takes great interest in how different meanings come out of the song for different people. She describes it as putting the song out into the universe and allowing the song to mean whatever it needs to to whoever is listening. The video itself is joyful, though. Filmed in the alleyway by her house, Frazey congregated her friends to create a bright and colorful music video.

“There’s just something about being on film. When you see a portion of your life portrayed on a screen, it suddenly feels so real,” Frazey explains.

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