Freshman Class: Real Estate Agents from Lusk & Associates

Freshman Class:
Real Estate Agents from Lusk & Associates

Fine Living Lancaster magazine is getting to know brand new local realtors from Lusk and Associates | Sotheby’s International Real Estate.



Nathan graduated from Messiah College in May of 2015, majoring in business administration. What he loves most about selling is the opportunity to meet new people. He has always enjoyed buying, fixing, and selling, and throughout high school, he had a knack for buying and selling cars and motorcycles.

The selling process as a whole and matching the right person with the right house is what Nathan loves the most about his job. “So much of someone’s identity is wrapped up in a house,” Nathan says. “You’re pairing people with the biggest purchase of their life.”

At the young age of 23, Nathan comes from a background in sales and property management. Nathan moved to Gap, Pennsylvania from West Chester after his sophomore year of high school. It was during this time that Nathan really got to know Lancaster by running along the back roads of the countryside. Nathan shared a funny story about his experience in a new town.

“At the beginning of my first day of school at Pequea Valley, I pulled into the parking lot next to a beat up Ford pickup truck. I looked in the window and there were shotgun bullets all over the dashboard and on the floor. Immediately, I thought to myself, What on earth am I doing here? But, six years later, I was in that same truck owner’s wedding and I own that truck!”

Between the summer of his junior and senior years of high school, a family friend offered Nathan a job in property management. It was during this time that Nathan got his first taste of the real estate business. He loves the feeling he gets when he shows someone a house and they love it so much they end up purchasing it.

The most challenging part of the job is getting started and finding your niche. “I’m constantly learning,” Nathan explains. Nathan’s fresh start in the business creates energy and excitement for his clients and this shines through as a true passion for finding and selling homes to buyers in Lancaster county. As far as future goals, Nathan would like to eventually sell homes towards his alma mater, Gap, Pennsylvania.



Marzena has twenty years of experience with the built environment. She graduated from Poznan Polytechnic (Poland) in 1994 with her master’s degree in architecture. Marzena is a licensed architect, is experienced in building design and construction and recently added another expertise to her profession: Real Estate with Sotheby’s.  She has found that her knowledge in both fields gives her a different perspective and approach to both real estate and architecture and, in turn, a more thorough ability to help her clients.

“As an architect, I work towards improving the built environment. As a real estate agent, I want to expand that expertise into the real estate market.” Marzena’s experience is quite valuable, as it helps her clients make better decisions when finding a house, or selling one. With the ability to explain the full potential of a house, her knowledge of construction, building and zoning codes, creative perspective towards investment in a property and how it affects its value, Marzena is truly an asset.

Her  favorite quote is by Winston Churchill: “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” She finds importance in remembering this when building or buying the perfect home which in turn forms the way we live in it.

Marzena’s favorite aspect of her job is the process of learning the client’s goals and working to help the client fulfill them. “Helping someone with the biggest investment of their life is an accomplishment,” she explains. She feels honored to be given the trust to handle it.

Marzena loves traveling and experiencing the architecture of different locations in the world. She recently fell in love with the Italian countryside. “It’s beautifully blended with nature in color, material and form.”

Marzena is originally from Poland and loves spending time with her husband, their three children, their Brazilian exchange student, and rescue Bernedoodle named Dusty. She loves art, design, and photography. She is involved in her community, volunteering and serving others. When asked about her favorite free time activity, she smiled, responding with, “Sailing.” Marzena and her family are members of the Susquehanna Yacht Club but her favorite sailing spot is Zalew Koronowski in native Poland. “I love the feeling of freedom on the boat, and the power and beauty of nature,” Marzena says.

Marzena has a thorough knowledge within both real estate and architecture, she is creative and passionate about her work, and her goal is to provide an unmatched service to her clients.