From Darkness to Light and Love!!

From Darkness to Light and Love!!


CoprMelanieHummer©MHP_2681— Written by Lynn Leach
— Photos by Melanie Hummer

Cody Man was “owned” by a family. I say owned because I cannot say Loved. Cody Man was unfortunate enough to be owned by people who could not afford a dog. When Cody got an eye infection they did nothing to treat it. They also did not get him groomed and as his eyes got worse so did his hair, and soon all that you could see of this little dog’s face was the tip of his nose.

You would think that his family would have done something, anything! But no they just continued to allow him to exist and then one day the wife went to work and told a co-worker that her husband was going to shoot their dog … Thank God a 2nd Chance foster overheard the conversation and immediately got on the phone with the Director of 2nd Chance. The Director called Cody’s owner at work and made arrangements to pick him up.


What we saw when we finally came face to fur with Cody Man was a tiny mass of matted fur. His back legs couldn’t even move properly because the hair had matted together — but from under the mats came a sign of hope and resilience when we saw a tiny tail wag come from the matted little soul on the table!

Cody Man was shaved down and his eyes were examined. They were black marbles and although he could not see he seemed to know his life had forever changed! Cody Man lived with the Director for a few years, and went on vacations to the beach every year. He had a big personality in a small body and he was a huge love bug!


CoprMelanieHummer©MHP_2685Then came the day an application came in for Cody Man that was PERFECT! The Barker’s little blind shih tzu had just passed on and they wanted to honor her by rescuing another special needs little guy, and so Cody Man found his forever home and a TRUE FAMILY with Missy & Tim Barker! Since Cody Man joined their family they have also saved Ju Ju and Casper, 2 other 2nd Chance pups who now live the good life with a family that adores them. Cody Man opened the door and the Barkers made room in their hearts for more rescued souls. Your heart will always have room if only you allow it to be open to LOVE!

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