The newest trend in fitness is called Functional Integrated Training

The newest trend in fitness is called Functional Integrated Training


FitStudio05N4 Workout explains, “Originally developed for rehabilitation purposes, it concentrates on movement patterns and the natural biomechanics of body to handle real life situations.” Using integration and adaptation, this particular type of training allows your muscles to work together, rather than in isolated movements.

A brand new boutique fitness center, run by husband and wife team Geoffrey and Alysia Harpster, is coming right to our lovely town of Lancaster city. Fit Studio is a boutique fitness studio focusing on Functional Integrated Training, with personalized training just for you. Fit Studio offers personal one-on-one training, boot-camp group classes, and offers an open gym.


FitStudio06“It’s been a dream of mine since I was in the military to open a gym of my own,” Geoffrey explains enthusiastically.” Alysia is a personal trainer, so with our ideas combined we came up with the concept of a boutique fitness studio.” And that is how Fit Studio came to fruition.

On their website, Fit Studios offers their clients the ability to “shop” for a personal trainer by viewing various profiles of their available staff trainers. Whether you want athletic training, woman-based training, or men’s strength and power training, you can book your personal training through the website.


FitStudio08Come in for a free consultation & join a class!

$10 per class, or 5% discount for pre-paid class cards (5, 10, and 25 classes).
$10 for open gym.

HOURS: 6 am – 8 pm

30 North Queen Street (below Details), Lancaster PA 17603
(717) 947-4887