Guaranteed Carpet Services: Professional Courtesy

Guaranteed Carpet Services: Professional Courtesy

— Originally published in FLL#36 • Written by Erik Carrasquillo • Photo by Bianca Cordova

GCS2Trustworthy, affordable, friendly, courteous, prompt, knowledgeable, professional, family-oriented. When you visit the Guaranteed Carpet Services website, you’ll notice these very words near the bottom of the homepage in bulleted italics. Those characteristics are the mark of a good business.

GCS has been providing Lancaster County with carpet cleaning and installation services since its inception in 1979. Greg Falk, a deeply-rooted Lancastrian, has presided over the family-owned business for the past 25 years.

“I really pride myself on personal customer service,” says Falk, a man who employs the traveling salesman motif: house calls equipped with estimates, measurements, recommendations, and samples boasting his company’s fibrous wares. The best part about these unique shop-at-home experiences is that they come at no charge to the customer. This is made possible by the company’s low overhead.

“We can beat the big box stores on price,” says Falk, in reference to his competitive prices.

Even the corporate juggernauts don’t sway Falk in the slightest. Not only does he have them beat on prices, he’s outdone them on the customer service front as well.

It’s that mindset of treating your clientele like family instead of pulsating dollar signs—a virtue nearly exclusive to small business—that keeps the wellspring of commerce flowing for Falk and the rest of the folks at GCS.

And, in an industrious place like Lancaster, where entrepreneurship is the fulcrum, Falk’s efforts to expand his company’s skill set haven’t gone unnoticed.

During its humble beginnings, GCS was strictly a one-van carpet cleaning service operating out of a home office. As time passed, its staff expanded, a showroom was introduced, and that lone van pluralized to a small fleet.

In his first 15 years as owner, Falk had reservations about involving himself in sales. Time and again, customers would ask if he sold carpeting. He was nevertheless dutiful, offering advice to those that sought it, but he continually declined the notion of becoming a salesman. However, that resistance changed upon hearing a customer’s story about an installation gone awry. When Falk learned that a rival company had botched the work, he needed no further motivation to expand GCS’s range of services. And so, in 2004, the company began carrying (and installing) elite carpet brands: Armstrong, Shaw, Mannington, and several others.

GCS’s bread and butter remains within carpeting, but it also extends to other types of flooring such as vinyl. It also offers carpet and flooring repair, upholstery cleaning, and an emergency flood response service.

In May, Falk moved the business from its longtime 900 Millersville Road location in Manor Township to 307 South Lime Street in downtown Lancaster, joining a network of beloved local entrepreneurs.

Guaranteed Carpet Services is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and by appointment. Further information can be found on their website,

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