From glamping to roughing it: What do you carry?

From glamping to roughing it: What do you carry?


14688247965_ab3fd717c8_zGlamping (camping with glamour) may be a new word that has crept into recent vocabularies, but my friends, the idea of having it all when you’re camping is as old as the hills. Just watch the safari scene from “Out of Africa.” Huge canvas tents, white tablecloths, porcelain china and sterling silverware were the expected amenities when the upper class traveled on safari in the twenties and thirties. Luxury camping for the rich has evolved into glamping for the masses. Glampers these days can equip themselves with creature comforts such as pink beds with pink chandeliers in pink tents with pink furniture and pink tiki torches.

14160570730_c913c3d099_kThinking about glamping on your next outdoor excursion? There are several cool websites to find glamping equipment. You might start out by simply upgrading your tent or bed. Why not invest in a reasonably priced “girlie” chandelier to add that touch of sparkle? Here’s a simple glamping tip for dining: pack nice dishware and silverware. Nix the paper plates and plastic forks. Pick up a set of vintage china at your nearest second hand shop. You have to wash the pots and pans anyway so what are a few dishes right? You could also pick up a nice white tablecloth to add to your dining experience. Throw in a couple of candlesticks and you’re glamping in style! And, don’t forget to pack your wine glasses and corkscrew! Diehard campers may think glamping is a bit much, but it has given the camping industry just the kick it needed. And when it comes right down to it, glampers pay for their site, hike the trails, and roast hot dogs and marshmallows just like all the rest of us.

Roughing It

8358776090_a07bc133f7_kRoughing it has several meanings in today’s camping world. It could mean that you booked a site without a sewer hookup for your RV or you haven’t got your car to pull behind your motor home. On the other end of the roughing it spectrum, it could mean that you are tenting with a sleeping bag and a suitcase or in a lean-to with a wool blanket and knapsack. Astute campers who really want to answer nature’s call and rough it have lots of choices today. There are several interesting websites with very clever items to pack when you’re roughing it. Imagine traveling to some mountainous area and not having to carry tons of camping equipment to your site, with the exception of one or two logs for the fire. Your lightweight backpack with your lightweight tent contains lightweight food, lightweight dishes, sleeping bag, and one lightweight saucepan that doubles as a frying pan. And, let’s not forget your Swiss Army knife. You’re wearing lightweight shoes, clothes, and outerwear. Your tent pops open with a flick of the wrist and your campsite is fully engaged in five minutes. Today, roughing it is a tent, a fire, a bag of tofu, and a harmonica. And for those campers who love to rough it… that is enough.

There are no hard and fast rules about just how much equipment is required to enjoy a camping experience. There are those that prescribe to the idea that you can take it all with you and they do. And, then there are those who say they respect the art of roughing it by simply taking what they need. Whatever your glamping or roughing it tastes are, the bottom line is to find a great spot, make a great campfire, prepare great food, find some great friends, and enjoy yourself … greatly.