Habitat for Humanity Renovators Home Tours

Habitat for Humanity Renovators Home Tours

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon perfect for strolling. I’ve always been a bit nosy about what the inside of house’s look like (I think I get that from my mom). It’s so neat to hear about the history of a home and to learn about all of the improvements and changes that have been made within a homeowner’s personal style.


The first home I walked into was absolutely beautiful and possibly my favorite. With plenty of a natural sunlight, the home had an overall feeling of comfort and coziness. The home was built in 1910, and the current owners purchased the home just six years ago in 2010. A lot of changes had been made in the last six years, such as changing the breakfast nook into an additional bathroom with laundry, the kitchen cabinets being used upstairs for the linen closet, and the addition of a huge window in the kitchen to let in natural light from the back yard.

On the second floor, the owners split a large secondary bedroom into a small children’s room and bathroom for the kids. They also closed off the main bathroom which was accessible to the whole house into the master bathroom. They also make the stairway less steep by adding more stairs into the hallway. This made the third floor safer to use.


I traveled to a couple of other houses, and was very impressed by the different styles within each! What a great day to spend exploring and walking around our beautiful city.