Wayne Mutata’s Five Healthy Tips for Holiday Eating

Wayne Mutata’s Five Healthy Tips for Holiday Eating

According to the National Institute of Health, holiday eating may cause you to gain a pound or two every year over the course your lifetime. Holiday weight can add up. By implementing a few of these small tips, your overall weight loss will not immediately, but will help over time.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed; being strict may not be as realistic as we think.

5 Healthy Tips for Holiday Eating:

  1. Be realistic. You’re probably not going to lose any weight right around the holidays. Realistic goals include maintaining your weight or only gaining two to three pounds.
  2. Try your best not to skip meals. If you’re eating small meals throughout the day, you’ll be less likely to overeat when holiday dinner comes. Focus on small meals.
  3. Be careful with beverages. Alcoholic beverages hold liquid calories. If you’re calorie conscious, choose to eat your calories rather than drink them. When you drinking calories in alcohol, they convert to acetate which is very hard for our bodies to break down. The body is more capable of breaking down calories which are eaten. If you consciously limit the amount of acetate your body has to deal with, you can burn calories quicker when it’s time to exercise again.
  4. Eat until you’re satisfied. Don’t eat until you’re stuffed! This allows you to savor your holiday treats while eating small portions.
  5. If you overeat at one meal, eat light for the next two meals. For those of us going to multiple family households, it’s hard not to overeat. If you overeat at one meal, Wayne suggests to eat light at the next two meals. It takes 500 calories a day (which is 3,500 a week) above your normal maintenance level to gain just one pound. Remember, it’s impossible to gain weight from one piece of chocolate cake.

Enjoy your holidays!


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